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October 12, 2009 12:00 PM


“You can’t help but wish Brad and Kim and their adorable family the best life possible”

A.J. Sprank Spragueville, Iowa

We need a lot more celebrities like Brad and Kim. Despite their hectic careers, they constantly make time to be the most devoted of parents.

Sarah VanVelsen San Diego, Calif.

Finally a cover story about a married couple who are joyously happy. Thank you for the wonderful photographs. You can see the love Brad and Kim have for their children on every page.

Patti Brooks White Bear Lake, Minn.


This article perpetuates the mistaken view that the only way a woman can feel comfortable with herself is to be a size 2, work out obsessively and eschew many foods. I would rather read about celebrities who accept their bodies, eat what they want in moderation and refuse to fight the constant battle against their natural sizes and shapes.

Tifani Skrezyna Naperville, Ill.


In any adoption, grief is a normal part of the relinquishment process. Carla should deal with her grief, be grateful her birth child has a loving, two-parent, stable home and get on with her life. Removing this 5-year-old from the only parents she has ever known would be a travesty beyond repair.

Amy Asquith Campbell, Calif.


In these economic hard times, I think the stigma of adult children living with their parents will vanish. Living with someone you love is good, and splitting the bills is an added bonus.

Katy Vest Montevallo, Ala.

A dozen members of a family sharing one house because of loss of jobs or income? The example they are setting is nothing more than instant gratification: I’ll do what I want and let Mom and Dad support me when it doesn’t work out.

Phyllis Kaminski Commack, N.Y.


I am sending a heartfelt thanks to Paige Hemmis for sharing her story about her depression. When well-known, successful people are willing to talk about their personal challenges with depression, society is one step closer to understanding mental illness. Paige gives hope to those who feel there is no hope.

Debi King Aurora, Colo.


I am the aunt of abductee Mark Hime-baugh. There are no words to describe the agony Mark’s parents feel to this day. We want to thank PEOPLE magazine for publishing the photos and stories of Mark and the other children who remain missing. We are forever grateful and ask only that your readers never forget these children in the future.

Nancy Himebaugh Walton via e-mail



One of the subjects of our Sept. 21 article about injured animals who are recovering with the help of technology generated intense reader response. Many were outraged at the six-figure price tag for Beauty the bald eagle’s new titanium beak. Wrote Debbie Ayers of Matthews, N.C.: “Several hundred thousand dollars for a bird that will never be released in the wild? How many people who can’t afford prostheses could that amount of money help?” Meanwhile, a book about Winter, the dolphin who lost her tail in a crab trap, has just been published by Scholastic (an interactive storybook and Nintendo game are also coming soon). Jeni Hatter of Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater, Fla., Winter’s home, says the special sleeve that attaches to Winter’s prosthetic tail is now being used to help humans with artificial legs walk more comfortably.


In our Sept. 28 issue we did not properly credit Kim Kardashian’s Antique Gold Fan Bib Necklace from the Tori Spelling Collection for HSN. People regrets the omission.

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