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September 07, 2009 12:00 PM


“Alana Stewart lovingly captured Farrah’s battle with cancer. Thank you, Alana, for sharing her strength”

George Adams

via e-mail

What a wonderful and true friend Alana Stewart was to Farrah. Everyone should be so lucky to have such a devoted friend to share everything life gives you or throws at you—the joys, sorrows, even death. Alana must miss her terribly. I was a huge fan of Farrah’s and will definitely be buying and reading Alana’s upcoming book about their friendship. Thanks for a great article. Farrah will never be forgotten.

Angie C. Simon

Wadsworth, Ohio

I lost my sister to colon cancer on March 7, 2007. The last conversation we had, she told me I’d be okay. I told her I knew I would be, but life would never be as much fun again. That’s what life will be like for Alana Stewart without Farrah. My sister was my best friend too.

Kellie Gough

Eagle, Idaho

What an incredibly courageous woman Farrah was. I always thought she was stunning, but her faith, courage, humor, compassion and love made her an even more amazing human. I have been diagnosed a second time with cancer, and Farrah is my inspiration to stay strong.

Cathey Pastrick

St. Joseph, Mich.


Your story on Alberto Cutié resonates with me because my late husband John left the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuit order in order to marry me, a divorcée with five children. John loved being a Jesuit and loved being a priest, but love has a way of turning even the most settled lives upside down. Although he missed being a part of the Roman Catholic Church, the really tragic cost was to the church and the Jesuits, who lost a dedicated and charismatic priest and counselor.

Arlene McFarlin

Manassas, Va.


After the heartbreak of losing their father, thank God his children will still be surrounded by the love of their grandmother and family.

Janice Tumpap

Wailuku, Hawaii


I found this story very interesting because we have a 30-year-old “baby” who weighs 95 lbs. We can’t hold her on our laps, and we have a lift to put her in bed. But I consider the Greenbergs lucky, and we know we are lucky too. Betsy has brought more to our lives and her sisters’ than we ever imagined.

Cheryl Brewer

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Gillian Andersen of Portales, N.Mex., was moved when she read how Maj. Gen. Mark Graham and his wife, Carol, devastated by the suicide of their son Kevin while he was in ROTC, have been helping soldiers cope with depression. Andersen attended the same ROTC program as Kevin and says she suffered from depression, found no help and left. “It is gratifying to hear that a major general cares enough to change things,” she writes. Appreciative of Andersen’s thoughts, the Grahams were also pleased to hear that the Army, in response to rising rates of stress and suicide, will begin a first-ever program in October teaching soldiers how to cope with mental stress. Says Carol: “The Army is taking this seriously and they care.”


Our Aug. 17 story about Sherri Shepherd and her new bathing-suit body drew more letters than any other story in the issue. Readers questioned the sizes we reported in the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. The ‘before’ photo was from 2007 and did not accurately represent her at the beginning of her two-month weight-loss program this summer. We regret this confusion. As for her current size, the View cohost told PEOPLE that she wears a size 6 in pants; the comedienne buys bigger dresses to accommodate her large bustline.

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