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July 06, 2009 12:00 PM


“I hope Jon and Kate can set aside their differences and keep in mind that their children come first”

Anita Maggio Overland Park, Kans.

Thank you for your article on Jon Gosselin. No matter what anyone says, I completely respect him for not speaking out against Kate or discussing private family matters.

Leticia Toledo New York, N.Y.

I have a great idea: How about if Jon goes out and gets a real job and then Kate can stay home with the kids. Without all the perks he’s grown used to, Jon will probably lead a much quieter life. But, hey, lots of us do it.

Karen Garber via e-mail

Marriage is not easy. Jon and Kate need to press on even if the times are rough right now. If they can stay together, many years down the road they will really be proud of themselves.

Susan Schlafmann Turtle Lake, N.Dak.


As a lifelong resident of New Jersey, I am very discouraged to see how our state is portrayed on shows like The Sopranos and The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The average person here is educated, has no discernible accent and dresses in an understated style. It would be refreshing to see an accurate depiction of people in the Garden State.

Mary Lilley Brick, N.J.


Could it be that Susan Boyle’s real ailment is “Sore-Loser-Itis”?

Danielle Ponzio Easton, Pa.


I am sitting here literally in tears reading your “Shared Vision” story. These young children are learning how to act in a positive, selfless manner toward their peers. Bravo to all the teachers, parents and children involved in this outstanding program.

Shawna Rizzi Brighton, N.Y.


Melissa Gilbert was an inspiration for all us red-haired, freckle-faced girls with ponytails. Reading about all she has gone through to become the beautiful woman she is today has made me love her even more. Thanks, Melissa!

Marguerite Fischer Savannah, Ga.


As I looked at the photograph of Prince Harry shaking hands with the little girl whose mother was widowed in the 9/11 tragedy, I had thoughts of his mother, Lady Diana. She would be so proud to see her son demonstrating the same compassion for others that she exhibited in her own life.

Diane Hyzy Kenmore, N.Y.


I thought Teri Hatcher looked wonderful in a her fuller-cut bikini. Sometimes less isn’t more!

Pat Kelly Plum Borough, Pa.


June 10 would have been Robbie Goodrich’s third wedding anniversary. But instead of celebrating with his wife, he cast some of her ashes from the bridge where the couple had made their vows near Marquette, Mich. As reported in our June 15 issue, Susan died Jan. 11 from an embolism hours after their son Moses was born. In a remarkable turn of events, 25 Marquette women then banded together to take turns nursing or pumping breast milk for the child. Says Robbie about the women’s ongoing efforts: “For all the health benefits of breast-feeding, I think the nurturing love Moses receives from each of the moms is just as important.” Reader Angie Nolle of Tecumseh, Kans., agreed: “As I read this story, I nursed my own son and held him a little tighter, thankful for the time we have together.”


In our 6/29 issue, a photograph of actor Gale Hansen was incorrectly identified as Josh Charles. We regret the error.

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