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“I have a new hero in Melissa Joan Hart. Thank you for sharing your struggles and success!”

Erika Remley

Orlando, Fla.

Thank you for your article about Melissa Joan Hart. It is wonderful to see how this pretty actress got her body back in shape after having two children. I am a working mom—I just had my second child eight months ago—and I, too, am in the best shape of my life. I dropped 30 lbs., in addition to the 30 lbs. of pregnancy weight I lost postpartum. I did it by cutting down on how much I eat, making better food choices and doing exercise after I put my kids to bed—no trainers, no nutritionists, no gimmicks.


New York, N.Y.

Way to go, Melissa! Finally, a celebrity who loses weight without being a spokesperson for a weight-loss company and getting all her meals for free. Indeed, it can be done. Thanks, Melissa, for the inspiration.

Beth Bisaillon

Kankakee, Ill.

I would just like to know when we can see a man on your cover regarding his weight? It’s time for a man to step up and be scrutinized for his weight gain.

Rachel Rambow

via e-mail


Of course Terry Caffey’s daughter, Erin, is crying now. Isn’t this the usual behavior of murderers and other criminals? They become remorseful only after they’re caught and forced to pay for their crimes. This reader is not buying the tears for one second. Lock her up and throw away the key! Just because her father chooses to forgive her does not mean that an unsuspecting society should be subjected to her continued presence.

Monica Niven

Chelsea, Ala.

This was the most disturbing article I have ever read. Terry Caffey not only has to deal with the horrific loss, every day, but he also must be asking himself where he went wrong with his troubled daughter. God bless him for being able to rise up from what can only be described as a living hell.

Idy Stern

Trumbull, Conn.


I always admired Mel Gibson’s seemingly strong devotion to his wife and children. And though I did not share his strict Orthodox Catholic beliefs, I could respect him for his deep devotion. Well, after reading your article I feel betrayed. Perhaps not as much as his long-suffering wife—but betrayed and sickened, nonetheless, by his actions. I, for one, will be removing all of Mel Gibson’s DVDs from my collection, pronto.

L. Brooks

Cary, N.C.


Kris Allen is the perfect “poster child” for the many young men and women who are working to follow their dreams. You caught his charm and personality perfectly, and now people all around the world know and admire him the way the people of his hometown, Conway, do. His tenacity, courage and full support of his loving family make his story all the more special.

Jan Newton Hicky

Conway, Ark.


Since our April article appeared on Dan and Suzie Bell and their free Christian Health Outreach clinic in Eureka Springs, Ark., the Bells have received enough in new donations to make an offer on a building that will house a new clinic and allow them to expand services. “One single mother told us she couldn’t afford to give much but thought what we were doing was important, and sent $10,” says Suzie. Adds Ken Covington, who will help run the dental-care section when the facility opens in the fall: “Everyone in the industry is willing to pitch in, from the supply houses to the technicians.” The Bells also continue to receive queries from people across the country who hope to establish similar clinics. In January Melissa Riopel contacted Suzie for guidance and next month is opening a facility in Kingman, Kan. “However we can improve a patient’s quality of life,” says Riopel, “that is what we are shooting for.”