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June 22, 2009 12:00 PM


“Bristol Palin is truly an amazing teenager. I admire her resolve to be the best mother she can be”

Cheryl Lee

Houston, Texas

Kudos to Bristol Palin for sharing her personal experiences. She has the courage and intelligence to take responsibility for her actions.

Pauline Dowd

Manchester, N.H.

The cover photo of Bristol Palin in her cap and gown holding her baby sends a troubling message. While she was able to graduate, many young women her age who become mothers are not able to continue their education. Let’s not glamorize the situation.

Shirley Favier

via e-mail

When Ms. Palin says, “If girls realized the consequences of having sex, nobody would be having sex,” she is speaking directly from the horse’s mouth. As the mother of two teenagers, I couldn’t think of a better article for them to read.

Victoria Jensen

Greendale, Wis.

Message to Bristol Palin: Don’t abandon your dream of becoming a nurse. When your son is a bit older and less dependent on you, there will be time for that course of study, and nursing can be a fantastic career, providing you with the income and flexibility you will need as a single mom.

Kristen Phillips

Hudson, N.Y.

Enough coverage of Bristol Palin! You can go to any high school in the country and find a pregnant teen with a similar story. A real news item would have been Bristol giving up her baby for adoption by a mature married couple and continuing her studies toward a career.

Janet Pipal

via e-mail


Originally Jon & Kate Plus 8 was the story of a real family dealing with real day-to-day issues. Now it is just a phony production. Unfortunately, neither Jon nor Kate appears to have any shame. I predict a lot of therapy in their children’s future.

Karen Dent

Holts Summit, Mo.

If Kate is serious about wanting to save her marriage, she should reflect on her wedding vows to love, honor and cherish, since there doesn’t seem to be any effort on her part to honor or cherish Jon.

Susan Schanta

Redondo Beach, Calif.

Thank you, PEOPLE, for giving us some honest reporting about our friends the Gosselins. They are our friends because they share their lives through thick and thin, problems and all. That’s why it’s called reality, folks!

Raquel Molina

Miami, Fla.

When I look into Jon Gosselin’s eyes, I see sadness. When I look into Kate Gosselin’s eyes, I see dollar signs.

LeAnn Citrone

York, Pa.

We’re supposed to feel sorry for Kate? In her manic quest for fame and fortune, she has alienated her family and friends, emasculated her husband and exploited her children. Enough with her already.

Suz Styles

Watchung, N.J.


Thank you for the story about Russ Marek’s inspiring perseverance after his unfortunate injury in Baghdad. It’s good to be reminded of the cruel realities the brave men and women of our armed forces have to face.

Kim Noble

Baton Rouge, La.


Murphy Oil’s promise to pay the college tuition of every student in El Dorado, Ark., for the next 20 years shows extraordinary generosity. Just think what could be done for kids all over the country if CEOs pledged some of those bonus millions to education rather than to their own bank accounts.

Bonnie Chenevert

Pahrump, Nev.


Having to make decisions for a parent, sometimes against their will but for their own protection, is so difficult. Brooke needs to keep in mind that whatever her choices, they are coming from a place of love and concern for her mom.

Lynn Bettinger

Fort Lee, N.J.


The perfect choice to play Frank Sinatra in the upcoming Scorsese biopic? Harry Connick Jr.! He looks like Ol’ Blue Eyes, he acts and, best of all, he sings.

Norma Turner

Oklahoma City, Okla.


In our June 8 issue we printed an incorrect age for actress Nia Vardalos. She is 46. PEOPLE regrets the error.

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