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“I wish the Travoltas strength in facing the future without their cherished child”

Pepper Edmiston, Pacific Palisades, Calif.

As a parent who has faced the devastation of losing a child, my thoughts are with the Travoltas. I hope they know someday when they are thinking of Jett, they will be able to smile again.

Marcy Eckrich

Rhinelander, Wis.

The Travolta family must be given time to grieve. It is necessary in order to heal and move forward. As the saying goes, death ends a life, not a relationship. Jett will always remain in their hearts.

Dianne Deimeke Broadhurst

Phoenix, Ariz.

When you look at the Travolta family photos, you see a mother and father deeply committed to raising happy and well-adjusted children. To lose Jett so young is beyond comprehension.

Rudi Z. Gutierrez

via e-mail


It’s refreshing to see a family that takes care of their own. I am in awe of the Duggars’ debt-free scheduled lifestyle and their close, loving family. Heads up, Octomom. This family is an example to follow.

Ann Bryant

Trinity Center, Calif.

The Duggars use their children to gain publicity and money. It is ironic that they purport to have a solid moral compass when their actions denote the opposite. While they seem normal and happy, I sense true dysfunction at the core.

Brenda O. Gosch

Houston, Texas

Please stop glorifying families like the Duggars. Having 18 children is not something that should be celebrated, especially in this day of economic distress. I would much rather hear about a family who adopts 18 children than making people like them seem like sacrificial heroes.

Elaine Stefanowicz

University Place, Wash.

The Duggars’ monthly budget illustrates a problem in our health care system: They pay a $475 monthly health insurance premium for a family of 20. I pay $458 per month for my family of three. Either one of us is paying too much or one is paying too little.

Laura O’Hearn

Portland, Ore.


Although it’s admirable that Gisele cares so much for her stepson Jack, she should have respect for his mother, Bridget Moynahan, and keep her comments about him quiet. Dote on Jack privately without broadcasting it to the entire world.

Jamie Griebner

East Amherst, N.Y.


In our April 20 issue, we told the story of Shirley Tan, a Pacifica, Calif., gay mother who faced deportation back to her native Philippines because of an expired visa (the federal government does not allow gay spouses to sponsor partners for citizenship). This week Tan and her family got some good news. A rare bill introduced specifically for Tan to Congress by California Sen. Dianne Feinstein will allow her to stay in the U.S. at least until 2011. If passed by Congress, the bill would enable her to attain permanent resident status. Tan, who has 12-year-old twin sons with her partner of 23 years, Jay Mercado, is overjoyed. “The boys cried when we told them,” says Tan, whose deportation date was set for May 10, Mother’s Day. “I’m just so happy.”


In our April 27 issue cover story on Capt. Richard Phillips, we misidentified Sarah Moran. She is a family friend, not Andrea Phillips’ sister. Andrea’s two sisters are Lea and Gina Coggio. In our May 4 issue’s Mother’s Day Gift guide, we incorrectly listed the price of the MomAgenda Mini-Daily calendar as $20. It is $40 and can be found at We regret the errors.