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“Melissa Rycroft seems to have discovered that old proverb: Living well is the best revenge”

James Blackmore

Burlington, Ont.

After seeing her on Dancing with the Stars, it is obvious that Melissa Rycroft is a shining star who can look forward to great adventures rather than being stuck with some TV Bachelor.

Jo Elizabeth Brown

Pensacola, Fla.

Melissa went on national television to find a mate, so she accepted the risk of public humiliation. She certainly was not the right match for Jason, so let’s quit making her the “good guy” and move on.

Keith Groomer

via e-mail

Looking back on the situation, Melissa should almost be thankful Jason Mesnick broke up with her. Now Jason is happy with Molly, and Melissa got the chance to meet her new guy. And all this occurred because Jason was man enough to follow his heart, whether or not it was the most popular decision.

Patrick Nese

Hershey, Pa.


Looking at Candy Spelling and her megamansion, I have to ask myself, “When is enough enough?”

Jan Spielberger

San Francisco, Calif.

In these troubled economic times, I’m disappointed you chose to celebrate Candy Spelling’s ridiculously extravagant mansion with such silly features as a “gift-wrapping room.”

Kira Chow

via e-mail


The sixth-grade reading class I teach discussed your article on the corrupt juvenile-court judges in Pennsylvania at great length. We decided that for so many young lives affected, seven years behind bars is not nearly enough.

Paige Parra

Phoenix, Ariz.


Constance Marie’s struggle with infertility speaks to every woman who has asked, “Why hasn’t the treatment worked for me?” She gives hope to all who find themselves in her situation.


Stamford, Conn.


Kathy Ireland is a great inspiration to women everywhere. She reflects both sweetness and strength and clearly demonstrates that as women we don’t have to lose our femininity in order to be strong enough to survive in the world of business. She also shows us that we don’t need retouching and Botox to be beautiful. In fact, these things often get in the way of our inner beauty, which is the only beauty that counts. My friend Kathy is a great role model and I love her! Thank you for honoring her in this wonderful story.

Elizabeth Taylor

via e-mail


Our story about financially strapped Americans giving up their pets had some positive results. Reports Sacramento SPCA spokeswoman Lesley Kirrene: “We had a tremendous response to the People article—many folks writing to help, offering to adopt or just wanting to express their appreciation for the work that shelters do. And I’m happy to say that all of the animals pictured have been adopted except for the two Lhasas, who needed some medical attention and will be ready for adoption soon. Thank you for bringing a sad but important reality to light.” Readers urged owners everywhere to do all they could to hang on to their pets. Writes Sara Burrall of Green Bay, Wis.: “Pets do not understand recession. You should honor the commitment you made to these animals when you brought them into your home in the first place.”


In our April 20 issue, Erin Maxwell was misidentified as “Ashley Butts” in a photo caption. In the photo Erin Maxwell is hugging Abby Butts. We regret the error.