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Rihanna deserves better, as do all women who have heard the same old, tired apologies”

David Bass

Columbus, Ga.

Chris Brown may send birthday wishes, but the gift Rihanna needs most right now is effective counseling to assist her recovery in both body and spirit.

Jill Berke

Montclair, N.J.

These young people achieve extra-ordinary success overnight without ever learning how to conduct themselves when their lives change so quickly. Everyone makes mistakes. Chris Brown should seek help controlling his anger and be given another chance.

Sylia Yi

Chicago, Ill.

Rihanna has an opportunity right now to be a role model for all her young fans. I hope she has the strength she will need to make a public statement that you never allow someone to put their hands on you this way.

Betty Alexander

via e-mail

Women need to be educated about what constitutes unacceptable behavior in relationships so that they can take care of themselves. This case shows that no matter what background a woman is from, she can still find herself threatened by an intimate partner.

Adine Vaval

Brooklyn, N.Y.


Jill Biden is certainly entitled to call herself “Dr. B.” She worked hard for her degree, and a doctorate in education is just as important as a doctorate in any other academic discipline.

Katie Terranova

Lansing, Mich.

Jill Biden has proven that all of a woman’s goals can be obtained. She holds several degrees, has raised a family and addressed the needs of her fellow Delawareans. Americans are certainly blessed to have Dr. Jill Biden as the wife of our second-in-command.

Mary A.K. MacDonald

Naples, Fla.


Liquid fasts and colon cleansing are frequently dangerous shortcuts to weight loss. Too many women (and men) develop eating disorders trying to look like celebrities. How disturbing that a potentially harmful practice rates so many pages of coverage while the all-important physician disclaimer follows as an afterthought.

Dr. Pamela Parker

Wickenburg, Ariz.


The article about Debra Gwartney’s harrowing experience with her teenage daughters really hit home. I once had a similarly frightening situation in my own family. Some kids just cannot be helped until they are ready.

Ellen Arnold

Palm City, Fla.


I don’t know why there would be any “raised eyebrows” because Salma Hayek nursed another woman’s baby. The selfless act of feeding a hungry baby, either by bottle or breast, requires no explanation, and Ms. Hayek should be commended for it.

Alysha Macdonald

Guelph, Ont.


Our story about the recent Fox News interview with Governor Palin’s oldest daughter, Bristol, now an unwed teen mom to 2-month-old Tripp, elicited mostly negative comments from our readers. Writes Michelle Chandler via e-mail: “How embarrassing that Sarah Palin preached abstinence to the entire nation and yet her own daughter got pregnant.” One Bristol booster was Lauren Anderson of Boston, who declared, “We need to see Bristol Palin exactly as she is: a young woman who is taking full responsibility for her situation. Congratulations, Bristol, on keeping some normalcy in your life and doing what is best for your family, yourself and your newborn son.” Meanwhile, Bristol has lately been spotted around Wasilla, Alaska—exercising at a local track and attending a morning class at Wasilla High School.