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August 11, 2008 12:00 PM


“My heartfelt congratulations to Keith and Nicole on the birth of their beautiful daughter”

Liane Layman

Silver Spring, Md.

I want to applaud Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban for taking the traditional route of marriage before choosing to have a child. Congratulations to the new parents on the arrival of their baby girl. Sunday Rose will most certainly be a source of celebration and endless blessings.

Reva Gomer

Rockaway, N.J.


Why is it that Madonna is being blamed for busting up A-Rod’s marriage? Shouldn’t the responsibility for a messy marriage be placed directly on the husband and the wife? I doubt that anyone could force a husband to stray. If a marriage is strong and loving, outside influences would not cause someone to hire a divorce attorney. Our society always wants to find the other woman at fault—especially when she is a strong and successful woman like Madonna.

Jeanne Pasternak

Houston, Texas


As a biologist, I must take issue with your calling Thomas Beatie a man. Thomas is a female taking male hormones, which Thomas had to stop taking, by the way, in order to get pregnant. Until Thomas has the female reproductive organs removed, Thomas is most definitely a woman. Thomas’s new daughter is proof of this.

Sandra Huff

Loudon, Tenn.


Like 6-year-olds Maya Albert and Lilly Stiernagle, I was born with a rare birth defect, proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD). In 1952 the doctors told my parents I wouldn’t live, then I wouldn’t walk, and the best thing they could do was to put me in an institution. They did not. I’ve been married for 30 years and have a 24-year-old son who is 6’4″ tall. I have no prosthetics of any kind but do use a wheelchair for long jaunts to places like the mall. It is possible to live a normal life with PFFD. I hope that Maya and Lilly’s parents will be able to help these adorable little girls do just that. I wish them luck.

Sheila McLaughlin

via e-mail


Here is a woman with beauty, brains, money—and four ex-husbands. Kind of makes you wonder.

Debra Sedgwick

Torrington, Conn.


In your article about Karina Smirnoff of Dancing with the Stars and actor Mario Lopez’s sudden split, Mario stated that Karina is a “phenomenal woman” and he has the “utmost respect for her.” Given Mario’s alleged infidelities, he sure has an odd way of showing it.

Stephanie Keenum

Marengo, Ill.


Readers may recall our story about Salee Allawee, a 10-year-old Iraqi girl who lost both her legs in an airstrike two years ago that also killed her brother (PEOPLE, Sept. 24, 2007). Salee gave up hope of ever walking again until Cole Miller, founder of the nonprofit No More Victims, arranged for her to receive prosthetics at Shriners Hospital in Greenville, S.C. Now back home in Haswa, Salee is happily thriving in school and playing hopscotch again. And Salee’s family has more hopeful news: Her cousin Rusul, 7, who was injured in the same airstrike, was recently flown to Greenville by Miller for surgery and a prosthesis for her mangled leg. Miller says, “Each of us can reach out to help children who have been harmed in this war.”


In our July 28 issue, the hospital pictured at the top of page 88 is not the facility referred to in our story. We should have run a photo of the Christus Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi-South. We regret the error.

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