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August 04, 2008 12:00 PM


Anne Hathaway is a beautiful and smart young actress who deserves much more from a man”

Peggy Stum

Shippensburg, Pa.

Unfortunately Anne Hathaway‘s knight in shining armor Raffaello Follieri was corroded to the core. Hopefully she will be more careful in her next romantic endeavors. It is hard to believe she went with him for four years and didn’t see he was a con artist. Ms. Hathaway is more naive than I thought she was.

Kenneth L. Zimmerman

Huntington Beach, Calif.

“Get Smart” should be the advice to Anne Hathaway, who stayed with Raffaello Follieri for 14 months after he was sued for misusing funds. It reflects poorly on her to have lent her reputation to an alleged con man.

Seth P. Washburne

New York, N.Y.


Kudos to Duke and Angie Snodgrass for their selfless dedication to fulfilling their late son Kody’s wish to train police dogs. It is truly wonderful to read about people who are doing good in the world. Heroes Among Us is an uplifting section in your magazine.

Marjie Rogozinski

Jacksonville, Fla.


Best of luck to newlyweds Loni Anderson and Bob Flick. I have always hoped that one day I would meet up with the boy I dated when I was 17. Loni and Bob’s sweet love story shows that things like that really do happen. Oh, and their cake was perfect.

Name Withheld

Marlboro, N.Y.


Enough Amy Winehouse. This is clearly a troubled young woman who needs to clean up her act. Until she does, let’s stop giving her bad behavior all this attention. Maybe if we all ignore her for a little while, she will have the space to realize she needs help.

Emily Hayes

Orlando, Fla.


I brought both my sons (who are now grown) to work; neither of them ever spent one day in day care. Even though this was not an accepted practice in the ’70s, it worked for us. I would encourage parents who can take advantage of this arrangement to do so. Based on my personal experience, the positive outcomes can last a lifetime.

Beverly Knisley

Knoxville, Tenn.

Bravo to all the companies that are allowing people to bring their babies to work. I know that moms, dads and babies are all happier. I wish I could have taken my preemie with me when I returned to work, but the U.S. Army is just not that progressive.

Bonnie Chenevert

Pahrump, Nev.


Suri Cruise is an absolute doll, but why is such an angelic-looking 2-year-old still drinking from a bottle?

Sarah Reinhardt

Spring Park, Minn.


Our story about Barbara Harvey, the Santa Barbara woman who lost her job and her home and now lives out of an SUV with her two dogs, elicited an outpouring of sympathy. Writes Pam Alongi of Irvine, Calif.: “I was brought to tears by your article, and all I could think about were the words, ‘How can we help her?'” Yet some felt Harvey’s plight stemmed from living beyond her means. Says a reader from Georgia: “Her housing costs were double what she could afford. I’m not surprised she ended up homeless.” Harvey reports that she has been inundated with e-mails, letters and checks, and in a few weeks she will be moving to into an affordable rental house in San Luis Obispo.


In our July 14 issue, we incorrectly said that Wall-E was the seventh Pixar film. It is their ninth film. We regret the error.

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