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“Let’s hope everyone respects Heather’s privacy and gives her the support she deserves”

Melissa Kiebort

Exton, Pa.

Kudos to Heather Locklear for seeking help for her anxiety and depression, as well as for the way she has handled the publicity surrounding her divorce. Ms. Locklear is a classy, talented and beautiful woman who has responded to all of that with grace and quiet tact. I wish her a full and lasting recovery.

Name Withheld

Chehalis, Wash.

Heather entered treatment for a very personal matter. Plastering it across your cover as her “breakdown” is simply inappropriate. I’m sure Ms. Locklear expected you to report her situation with as much dignity as she has exemplified, and unfortunately she’s been disappointed.

Tara Cerreta

Newtown, Conn.


I am a 52-year-old, heterosexual, happily married (for 26 years) mother of two, and I am also a Christian. Personally, I think a same-sex couple who are devoted to one another should have the legal right to get married and enjoy all the benefits that come with marriage. God bless all of you out there who just want what I have and so many others take for granted.

Kathy Rolita

Hayward, Calif.


Your article “An Anorexia Victim Fights Back” did an excellent job depicting some of the frustrations and inequities involved with insurance coverage and eating disorders. Many mental health issues are not covered equally with other health issues, and the issue of medical necessity continues to be very contentious. Good luck to others, and be your own advocate.

Dr. Jon W. Susott

Fishers, Ind.


Shame on Peter Cook for having an affair with a young employee and ruining his marriage. Shame on Christie Brinkley for agreeing to rehash the incident in a courtroom open to the public. Ms. Brinkley should have let it go, moved on and, most of all, protected the children.

Barbara Heller

Landenberg, Pa.


I was baffled that someone was quoted describing Jamie Lynn Spears as “independent”! She is an unwed 17-year-old girl who made poor choices. It is sad that the responsibility of parenthood, rather than college, is the result of these choices.

Lance Pillstrom

Tulsa, Okla.


We were very disappointed that the death of the legendary comedian George Carlin did not make your cover. He was an icon whose groundbreaking career spanned decades. Rest in peace, George. The laughter will live on in our hearts.

Ryan and Jennifer Goertler

Wickliffe, Ohio


Our story on Doug and Annie Brown, the Boulder, Colo., couple who had sex for 101 straight days, aroused a variety of responses from readers. About Doug Brown’s subsequent memoir Just Do It, Sherree Cardone of Morristown, Tenn., says, “I wish my husband of 31 years and I had known there was a book deal available for having sex every day. We were enjoying this long before the Browns.” Others wondered whether good times in bed were really enough. Writes Nelson Marans of Silver Spring, Md.: “When is there time for meaningful conversation and the other requirements of a proper relationship?” “The sex strengthened our commitment,” respond the Browns. “It’s not like we were locked in a bedroom 24 hours a day!”


In the Star Tracks section of our July 14 issue, the date on the photo of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale in London should have been June 26. We regret the error.