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“My thoughts and prayers are with the Russert family, along with my thanks for sharing Tim with us”

Carol L. Lordo

Toms River, N.J.

I was deeply saddened by Tim Russert’s passing. What impressed me most about him, aside from being the best political analyst on television, was how down-to-earth he was, his commonsense approach to fatherhood, and his love and devotion to his own father. Although he died way before his time, we can take comfort in knowing he fulfilled his dreams and his family knew how much he loved and cherished them.

James Dutzar

Tampa, Fla.

I learned to love politics because of Tim Russert. I always made sure to vote because of Tim Russert (and he influenced my vote on many occasions). I became a better American because of Tim Russert. Whoever said no one is indispensable didn’t know Tim Russert. He was one of a kind, and no one will ever be able to take his place. Rest in peace, Tim.

Rosemary Bonacci

Whitesboro, N.Y.

Tim Russert and I had a standing date every Sunday morning. We were both political junkies who looked forward to this year’s election with unabashed glee. I’ll still follow the campaign, but the joy is gone. Go Bills.

Cheryl Blum

Huntington Station, N.Y.


In the words of my teenage daughters, OMG! Thank you for the pictures of Mario Lopez. I asked my husband if I could hang them on our wall, and his response was the same as mine when I first saw Mario on the bearskin rug: speechless. But I do not think we were speechless for the same reasons.

Yvonne Bailey

Gore Bay, Ont.

Seriously? Mario Lopez? He’s only a bachelor because he is a cheater!

Sunny Matteson

Spokane, Wash.

Yes, Mario Lopez is a good-looking man who is in excellent shape, but I didn’t need to see him as a naked centerfold. When I looked at the photo, I blushed. It’s way too much of a good thing.

Tricia Castro

Upper Sandusky, Ohio


I have always admired Debra Winger as an actress who isn’t a phony “Hollywood” type. One of my favorite movies is An Officer and a Gentleman. I have to disagree with Ms. Winger, who said it was “innocuous fluff.” She had it wrong when she criticized “the whole image of [Richard Gere’s character] coming to save the damsel in distress.” The way I saw it, she saved him. I’m looking forward to seeing Debra in her next movie.

Katherine Scamihorn

Caliente, Calif.


Enough already with Sarah Larson. If you didn’t identify her as George Clooney‘s ex, no one would know or care who she is. Her 15 minutes were up when George said adios. I’m sure she’s a nice girl but please put the spotlight on someone who really deserves to be mentioned.

Riley Scott

Phoenix, Ariz.


Our story about the shooting deaths of two young Oklahoma girls out for a walk had a profound impact on readers, especially those who are parents. Kathy Mitchell of Upper Darby, Pa., writes, “I made my two kids read that article because today it seems like children are never safe.” Bliss Daniels of Fairview Heights, Ill., adds, “The shock and anger I felt when I read about this horrible murder shook me to my core.” So far there have been no arrests in the case, but authorities say they’ve gotten some solid tips. “They’re leading us down several paths,” says Jessica Brown of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. “We’re exploring every route possible.”