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“John and Cindy McCain have an amazing family. I’m delighted they let us into their lives”

Kay H.

Des Moines, Iowa

Thank you for the wonderful story about the McCains. Because of John’s service to his country and Cindy’s tireless efforts to help those in need, they are a family who have made life better for many people.

Dee Gamez

Springville, Calif.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to see the McCain family on your cover. I truly admire John and Cindy for their love and dedication to each other and to their children.

Susie Carraway

Mineola, Texas

You’ve done a fantastic job covering the candidates in the 2008 election. I’m sure people across the political spectrum appreciate your balanced, informative and entertaining coverage.

Kristen Martin

Owasso, Okla.


I’d like to praise Natalie Cole for her courage in speaking out about her struggles with hepatitis C. As a fellow sufferer, I found her story extremely inspiring. I underwent treatment 10 years ago but still have the virus. This is a very lonely disease that stigmatizes its sufferers, but while reading the article I felt less alone. I pray that Ms. Cole continues her brave journey toward health.

Michele Cavalli

via e-mail

Natalie Cole says that she was “upset with the Lord” when she got her hepatitis C diagnosis, saying to God, “How could you?” Natalie was a heroin addict who shared dirty needles for years. I don’t think God’s to blame for this one.

Patti Schuler

Collegeville, Pa.


Your story about Faith the biped dog had me crying tears of joy. I was so moved that the Stringfellows would adopt a handicapped puppy, knowing the emotional and financial burden it could place on them. And not only did they love and nurture her, they taught this beauty to walk upright. May Faith live a long and happy life. She is a beautiful reminder of all that is possible.

Arezoo Ghobadpour

Toronto, Ont.


In Canada we do not refer to First Nations People as Native American (Crystal Shawanda is in fact Canadian), nor do they live on reservations. Crystal Shawanda is a great entertainer, she is Canadian, and she is First Nation.

Kelly Wood-Fraser

Rosseau, Ont.


I am absolutely outraged that you would say the Gossip Girl stars are “curvy.” Leighton Meester and Blake Lively are thin. Very thin. What sort of message are you sending to young girls?

Valerie Shiba

River Edge, N.J.


Readers heaped praise on Jennifer Trubenbach and her Longview, Wash.-based group Operation of Hope, which arranges free surgeries for children with facial deformities. They expressed special affection for Beloved, the 17-year-old from Zimbabwe whose face was disfigured by a land mine and whom Jennifer brought to the U.S. for an operation last fall. “Jennifer is proof that God has angels living here on Earth,” wrote Ihinosen Ejedawe of Santa Clarita, Calif. Jennifer recently brought Beloved back to stay with her so he can attend school in California. The boy is enrolled in the third grade and plays on a soccer team. “It hasn’t just been about his face,” says Jennifer. “He also needs his heart and mind to heal.”


In our Sept. 29 issue the reviewer of the Pussycat Dolls’ Doll Domination misquoted the lyrics to “When I Grow Up” as saying they want to have “boobies” when they grow up. The lyrics actually say “groupies.”