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“Hasn’t Jessica been down this road? I hope this time around, there will be a happy ending”

Becky Comfort

Tempe, Ariz.

I am so happy for Jessica Simpson. She has finally found someone who treats her with respect and truly loves her for who she is and not for what she does. I hope her relationship with Tony Romo will continue and that Jessica has finally found someone to spend the rest of her life with.

Becky Anklam

Ripon, Wis.

Life is full of mystery, and it is a giant mystery to me why Jessica Simpson is still news, much less a cover story.

Diane Schumacker

via e-mail

I never cared for Jessica Simpson as a singer or for her silly, half-witted humor, but now that I am facing a divorce, Jessica has given me new hope that I can get through this and true love will someday be possible.

Valerie Chase

Aurora, Colo.


Thanks to Katie Couric for saving my husband’s life. Her exhortations to get colonoscopies got through to more people than any doctor’s recommendation. I listened to Katie. My husband, however, thought he didn’t need that procedure. I harped about it until he finally agreed to have it done. It turned out that he required surgery. When it was all over and he told me, “I think you probably saved my life,” I responded, “We both did—me and Katie.”

Judy Ardron

Long Beach, Calif.


Casey Anthony’s parents say they understand why Casey is refusing to talk about what happened to her daughter Caylee. What exactly do they understand? Why are they afraid to ask their own daughter the hard questions? Enabling Casey is not the answer to finding out what happened to that little girl.

Nancy Kelly

Vero Beach, Fla.


Yoda is a lucky cat (and a very cute one). I hope his story encourages people to adopt an animal that others would consider less than perfect. I just adopted a 15-year-old, FIV+, diabetic cat, and he’s the love of my life! He is so grateful for a home and so loving to everyone that he dispels the myth you have to adopt an animal as a baby so it bonds with you.

Dee Petersen

Walnut Creek, Calif.


In the story about Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, you ruined the surprise about the character Jacob. I’ve just started the second book in the series and am now completely distracted by this fact and disappointed that I’m not going to discover it on my own. I feel seriously cheated and wish that you would’ve refrained from giving us this detail. Thanks a lot.

Angela Bland

Gainesville, Texas


Readers of our story on unusual phobias responded by bravely sharing examples of what scares them. “I’m afraid to wear any type of clothing that has buttons,” says Julie Kirsch of Norco, Calif. “I can barely stand to look at them!” And Lindy Conner of McKinney, Texas, reveals, “I can stand up and announce that watermelons send chills down my spine!” For Maureen Keegan of Pasadena, it’s “ketchup. I’m almost afraid to write about it. I even hate the word.” Fear not, says phobia counselor Jackie Kupper of White Plains, N.Y.: “Through exposure and cognitive behavioral therapies in slow, manageable steps, almost all those with phobias can be helped.”


On page 145 of our Sept. 15 issue, we said Isla Fisher received Halo’s organic cotton SleepSack but incorrectly ran a photo of a Sage Creek SleepSack. We regret the error.