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“All the people who lost weight through healthy lifestyle changes are truly an inspiration”

Julie K. Smith

Stevensville, Mont.

Thank you for the positive stories about people who had that lightbulb moment and decided to take their fate into their own hands and make changes in their lives. Drastic weight loss isn’t easy; it requires commitment. But the people in your story prove it can be done. In a nation with an obesity epidemic, your stories serve as a model for those who realize that a life change is necessary and encouragement for those who are already taking action. Kudos to the team that decided to focus on realistic weight loss and its benefits.

Mary D. Townley

Franklin, Maine

I had gastric bypass in 1999, thinking it would be the magic bullet to cure all my weight issues. Nine years and three kids later, I’m still struggling with weight and lifestyle changes. The people featured in this issue have motivated me beyond words. I’m confident that this time next year you’ll be writing about me!

Jen Vandermus

DeForest, Wis.

While I applaud all the women in your story for losing weight and taking control of their lives, I don’t believe 145 lbs. is a size 4. Come on, get realistic! No one wore a size larger than a 10 even at 164 lbs. Where do they buy their clothes? I’d like to shop there too.

Barbara Miller

Weeki Wachee, Fla.


About a year ago on a cold early morning, I was rushing to work down Central Park West in New York City when I spotted a couple holding each other in a long embrace. I stopped in my tracks to admire the romance of it all when I realized it was Sean and Robin Wright Penn. For me it was a moment that I’ve never forgotten. So it was with much sadness that I read they’re divorcing after 11 years together.

Robin K. Lewis

New York, N.Y.


Why was so much space given to Hillary Clinton’s campaign? I personally had all I could stomach of the Clintons when Bill was in office. I’m a businesswoman and wouldn’t vote for Hillary ever.

Joleen Wallace

Hickory, N.C.


Regarding the photo of Mr. Pitt taking his son Pax for a spin: What’s wrong with that picture? Father and son spending time together, riding in an open ATV, unrestrained and no helmets. Didn’t anyone learn anything from the Britney Spears episode? Protect your child.

Gail Gauthier

Rossport, Ont.


Readers voiced a variety of strong opinions about our article on teen pregnancy. “I hold little sympathy for teenagers in situations that could have been prevented just by saying ‘no,'” writes T. C. Robson of Houston, Texas. Many felt the article painted an incomplete picture. Laura A. Wildman-Hanlon writes via e-mail, “Where are the stories of teens who regret having children and have seen their social lives, education and dreams disappear along with their own childhoods?” One teen whom readers rallied round was Ashley Wilkens, who elected to give her baby up for adoption. Opines Candice Weyant of Gastonia, N.C.: “Ashley, you are a courageous young lady who should be proud that you made the best of your situation.”


In our Jan. 21 Heart Gallery story, the photo of William should have been credited to photographer Tony Floyd. Also, we should have said Poppy Montgomery had son Jackson with her boyfriend, actor Adam Kaufman. We regret the errors.