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“We should challenge the rich young kids in Hollywood to give a portion of their income to charity”

Lori Hislop

Bothell, Wash.

I loved reading about how Miley Cyrus is making $1 million a week, but I didn’t see one word about how much of this money goes to charity. I think many of these young stars need to take some life lessons from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I really don’t care what type of shoes Nick Jonas is buying, but I’d love to read about his foundation providing drinking water to a village in a Third World country.

Cheryl Schlueter

Macedonia, Ohio


When I read about the YouTube divorce, I raced to my computer—not to watch Tricia Walsh-Smith’s video but to write this letter. The evil genie that is YouTube is never going back into the bottle, but if you have even the tiniest interest in slowing the cultural apocalypse, then try to refrain from turning fiftysomething juveniles into celebrities du jour.

Mike Richmond

Las Vegas, Nev.


While I miss seeing Roger mix it up with Richard Roeper, I’m glad to know that, despite his health problems, he still has a great attitude. Roger is truly inspiring.

Pat Ellis

Bridgeport, W.Va.


What I find most disturbing about polygamists is that they promote a lifestyle with the same problems that have plagued much of America for decades: parents switching between multiple sexual partners, uneducated women in near-constant states of pregnancy and young women growing up with little self-esteem. This just demonstrates that when practices are cloaked in the sacred veil (or, in this case, dowdy pioneer frock) of religion, they are often just the same old sins.

Robyn Keyster

DeKalb, Ill.


Christy Porter’s group Hidden Harvest is critical to the feeding of the poor in California’s Riverside County. Hunger is becoming a national issue, and organizations like Hidden Harvest will be crucial in the distribution of the nutritious food that is abandoned in the fields.

Janet Newcomb



Sorry, Hoda, I like you but I can no longer watch the fourth hour of the Today show since Kathie Lee Gifford joined you. She was annoying with Regis and she is annoying now. When she is gone, I’ll come back.

Cynthia Nostrant

Saline, Mich.


Readers applauded Riley Hanson’s parents for enrolling her in a therapeutic boarding school for troubled kids. “Kudos to Jeri Shoop for doing the right thing,” writes Jennifer Lima of North Kingstown, R.I. “You can’t love someone out of addiction.” Adds Melissa Smith of Granite Bay, Calif., whose son is in a Teen Challenge program: “It’s comforting to know I’m not the only parent who has made this difficult decision.” Riley reports she has gotten positive e-mails from teens struggling with addictions. “I never thought I’d be a role model for anything,” she says. “It makes me want to help the people who’ve reached out.” But Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.), chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, notes that government investigators have heard thousands of allegations of abuse at teen residential programs, including therapeutic boarding schools. “Parents,” he writes, “should use extreme caution when considering these programs.”


On page 38 of our May 19 issue, the photo identified as the actor Rain (below) is actually actor Karl Yune. In our May 12 issue, we omitted the Web site for Joanne Goldblum’s Diaper Bank; it is In our April 28 issue, we should have said Rossano Rubicondi presented his bride, Ivana Trump, with a diamond Uternity band from Daniel K.