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Beyoncé Knowles AND JAY-Z

“Thanks for giving us all the details on Beyoncé’s beautiful wedding to Jay-Z. Keep up the good work”

Crystal Tyler

via e-mail

These two were meant for each other. And because they are very private people, they’re going to have something you rarely see in Hollywood: a marriage that lasts. Best wishes, Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

Erica Howe

Norristown, Pa.


Obviously there is a lot more going on in these polygamist compounds than Warren Jeffs and his followers would like us to believe. We need to put polygamy in the spotlight for a while and make sure that extremely young girls and children aren’t being abused, taken advantage of or deprived of their rights and education.

Becca Castro

Citrus Heights, Calif.


I am a big fan of Tom Cruise and his wife, Katie Holmes, and think their daughter Suri is absolutely beautiful. As the mother of a 2-year-old, I just had to laugh when I read that “Suri seems to have sidestepped the terrible twos.” I myself thought the same thing about my little angel and how lucky we were. Just wait. They do not call them the “terrible twos” for nothing.

M. Bowles

Richmond, Va.


As a figure skater, I remember the moment when Scott Hamilton won the gold in 1984. His perseverance and hard work paid off with a performance that was bigger than life. Those qualities have served him well in overcoming so many medical problems. He deserves the happiness he has with his family. Scott is a champion who goes for the gold every day.

Valerie Drossman

Armonk, N.Y.


Your story about Abbey Curran, the young lady with cerebral palsy who won the Miss Iowa USA pageant, was wonderful. Abbey is an inspiration to all people, with or without a disability. My 8-year-old daughter has mild cerebral palsy. Even though she wears a brace and walks a little slower, it does not stop her from achieving anything that she wants to do.

Denise Nelson

Philadelphia, Pa.


I found the celebrity excerpts from the book Healthy Child Healthy World informative and inspiring. I’m happy to know that people are now focusing on eco-friendly living. By the way, my family loved Gwyneth Paltrow‘s recipe for organic roast veggie sticks.

Meg Leidy

Los Angeles, Calif.


I am truly disappointed that the death of the legendary movie star Charlton Heston did not make it as your cover story. Mr. Heston was a larger-than-life actor who became an American icon, and he deserved better.


Ofer Atlanta, Ga.


Readers had mixed emotions about our article on Olivia Newton-John’s daughter Chloe Lattanzi and her struggles with anorexia. “Chloe is an inspiration,” writes a reader from Roselle, Ill. “I hope her story encourages other sufferers to find their anchor and push on.” But some argued that Chloe hasn’t overcome her disorder. Asks Nancy Gustafson from Madison, Wis.: “How can Chloe claim to be ‘fully recovered’ if she gets anxious every time she sits in front of someone with food? People don’t ‘fully recover’ from any addiction.” Andrea Everson via e-mail took a positive view: “I’m happy to see that Chloe’s life is back on track—and that she has made peace with her parents.”


In our April 28 issue, we incorrectly reported the FOX comedy ‘Til Death was returning on April 24. In fact, the show returned on April 16. We regret the error.