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“Heath Ledger was a beautiful actor and a wonderful father. I don’t need to know any more than that”

Kathy Parker

Atlanta, Ga.

Heath Ledger was, by all accounts, a devoted father to his daughter Matilda, and I for one believe he would have welcomed a second child if he proved to be the father. I hope this is sorted out quickly so he is finally given the chance to rest in peace.

Amanda Bowes

Norwich, Conn.

Heath Ledger’s uncles have been estranged from Heath’s family for years, yet find it okay to insert themselves into the family’s business following Heath’s death? They say they only have Matilda’s interests at heart. If they are so interested in her, why have they not taken steps to heal the rift in their family? What gives them the right to have any input about what is done with Heath’s estate? Sounds to me like they just want publicity. Pretty sad.

April Holcomb

Lawrenceville, Ga.


While I understand that celebrities work hard for their cash, I find it obscene what they spend their money on: million-dollar cars, $100,000 weekend-long birthday parties, shopping sprees and mansions—the list is endless. Bravo to Brad and Angelina for donating their time as well as millions of dollars to charitable organizations. They are what’s right in Hollywood.

Sandra F. Schillfarth

Nottingham, Md.


It’s a sad comment on society that Darryl Gibbs, whose 8-month-old daughter Cynthia died at the hands of a day-care provider, had to fight to have a law put in place to make “shaking, slamming or throwing” a child under 5 a felony. Shouldn’t that be a given? I’m so sorry for his loss, but I’m thankful for his voice. He is truly a hero.

Karen Stilson

San Diego, Calif.


There’s a fundamental difference between posting gossip on a Web site and providing identifying features like a physical address. Gossip can be cruel, but giving out personal information on a Web site is beyond that, it’s dangerous. Is JuicyCampus founder Matt Ivestor going to be upset if some coed gets raped or murdered because her name and address were posted on his site? Or is he going to figure it’s just the cost of doing business?

Pat Brown

London, Ont.


No wonder the Berlin Zoo bear Knut is having the blues. Wild animals belong in the wild, not in an unnatural environment where thousands of screaming fans stand around gawking and applauding. Animals have their own agendas. Knut isn’t addicted to fame, he just wants a life free of human interference.

Timothy J. Verret

Austin, Texas


Readers responded emotionally to our story about Thomas Beatie, the transgender man who is expecting a baby in July. “Because of this article, I had to rethink my own ideas about what makes a family,” writes Mildred Martin of Portland, Ore. “I came to the realization that it’s all about love, and the Beaties certainly have an abundance of that essential value.” But the majority of readers voiced strong disapproval. “This is not a pregnant man,” writes David Richardson via e-mail. “Mr. Beatie is a woman who has physically altered herself and now wants to be recognized as something she’s not.” Adds Michelle McHone of Gunter, Texas: “Men do not have babies.” Anita Black of Sarasota, Fla., was most concerned for the Beaties’ child, saying, “Shame on the Beaties for their insensitivity. Their child will be taunted and ridiculed as she grows up.”


On page 14 of our April 28 issue, the dateline on the caption Natalie’s New Man should have said New York City, April 8. We regret the error.