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“Drew has come a long way from her troubled past. I’m glad she’s finally being taken seriously in Hollywood”



I’ve always admired Drew’s wild-child approach to life and her ability to live without the need to conform to society’s expectations. I’m thrilled she’s using her experiences to grow and change. Her relationship with Justin Long seems very genuine and grounded. Good for them.

Dana Tillson

Bellevue, Wash.

I was delighted to receive the issue with Drew and Justin on the cover, but I am disappointed. Drew has always looked fabulous and her body was fine. For you to insinuate (with your cover line “new body, true love”) that she is finally happy and in love now that she is in shape is irresponsible.

Jennifer Hoffmann

via e-mail


I recently introduced my fifth grade students to, and they are hooked. They’re amazed at how much rice they can actually earn for the U.N. World Food Program. We plan on using the site for years to come. Thank you to FreeRice’s creator John Breen for making it so easy and enjoyable for people to help end world hunger.

Bonnie Addington

Chandler, Ariz.


Why do we continue to glorify this woman? She has spent almost her entire career objectifying and demeaning women. She has set a bad example for countless young people who have viewed the world from her skewed perspective. It is not okay to show women in bondage under the guise of entertainment. It is not okay to promote an image of women solely as sexual beings devoid of real human qualities. Now all of a sudden she has children, so she’s Madonna of Assisi? Oh, please. She’s made her fortune by selling her gender down the river and frankly, that’s not okay.

Carol Faubert

Woodstock, Ga.


Regarding Kevin Federline‘s weight gain: His ex-wife has had a public breakdown and he’s now taking care of his kids. I don’t know him but I do know how much time it takes to care for young children. If the weight he’s put on represents the sacrifices he’s made, then he deserves a pat on the back. Give the guy a break.

Lisa Hunter

via e-mail


It’s great that Raven wants to be a role model for thick and fabulous girls. However, as a role model, I was disappointed to see her list tanning beds as one of her favorite things. We don’t want a country full of self-confident young women with skin cancer.

Jennifer Bartel

Highland Park, Ill.


Our story about PEOPLE writer Vicki Sheff-Cahan and her struggle to rescue her son Nic from his crystal meth addiction drew heartfelt responses from readers, including many parents whose children are battling substance abuse. “When Vicki described herself as consumed with despair, I knew exactly what she felt—the loneliness, the lies, the mistrust, all those feelings that accompany addictions,” writes a reader from Alta Vista, Iowa, whose daughter is a recovering alcoholic. Says another reader, in Ballwin, Mo.: “So many times I have almost given up the fight over my son’s heroin use, but after reading about your successes, I have hope.” Since the article ran, Vicki and Nic have been flooded with positive e-mails. Reports Nic: “Coming forward with our story has inspired others to come forward.” Adds Vicki: “If sharing our story has helped one person, it will be worth it.”


In our March 10 issue, we said actress Sharon Stone was wearing a rat’s foot on her Dior suit. Stone had on a grouse claw, a Scottish good-luck piece. In our March 17 issue, we reported singer Amy Winehouse was battling a rare skin condition. Winehouse’s condition, impetigo, is not rare, it is common, especially among children.