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“It’s rare for a celebrity to be honest. I respect Tori for being up front about her actions and her feelings”

Kim Wedgwood

Palm City, Fla.

Tori Spelling truly seems to have grown up and come into her own. The way her relationship with her husband, Dean McDermott, got started may leave something to be desired, but they now seem happily focused on their family, are enjoying their son and are looking forward to their second child. Congratulations, Tori.

Jan Young

Pittsburgh, Pa.

Growing up rich or poor, everyone has issues and makes mistakes. Tori is much more normal than she thinks she is. And more importantly, she sounds like she has a good heart. I for one am looking forward to reading her book.

Darlene French

Allenstown, N.H.

The fact that Tori Spelling could sleep with a married man and have no regrets doesn’t indicate that there was something wrong with her marriage; it indicates there is something wrong with her. Does she really think her children could read her memoir and be proud of her? I personally think they will be horrified.

Stephanie Pither

Lincolnshire, Ill.


Normally, just seeing a photo of the Olsens gives me the creeps. Seeing your article almost pushed me over the edge. I made myself read it to see if I’ve been misjudging them. I’ve always been amazed that they are popular, and it was comforting to find out I’m not the only one who thinks they are weird.

Patricia Coleman

via e-mail

For you to describe Mary-Kate and Ashley as “bizarrely garbed fashionistas” is a hoot. What it shows is that $300 million may buy bodyguards, cigarettes and a lot of booze, but it certainly does not buy style or fashion sense.

Chris Sullivan

St. Louis, Mo.


As a young female living alone, I make sure my doors are locked and my home is secure. An unlocked door was the one mistake the McDonoughs made the night Adam Leroy Lane walked into their house and attacked their daughter. I hope to never be in that situation, but if I am I can only pray I would have the strength to fight for my child as they did. This family captured a murderer, and that is nothing short of heroic.

Emily C.

via e-mail


Regarding Lisa Rinna’s pre-Oscar prep: While some of her habits were positive, like exercising and drinking less alcohol, some were downright questionable. Botox and Dexatrim? Both can be dangerous and neither should be encouraged, let alone be lauded as a quick fix. Surely someone in Hollywood has a healthier routine to spotlight.

Susan Tucker

Myrtle Beach, S.C.


Our story about the possible marriage plans of pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears drew mixed responses from readers. “I think it’s great that Jamie Lynn has decided to go through with the pregnancy and keep her child,” writes Becki Zazeski of Matthews, N.C. “We should commend her for moving ahead with a situation that probably wasn’t what she had intended for her life.” But several correspondents question the young star’s ability to assume the roles of wife and parent. “Jamie Lynn is not ready for marriage or motherhood,” writes A. Scofield of Stratford, Conn., who adds that she “would also love to see much less attention paid to unwed mothers who think their celebrity status makes illegitimacy okay.” On a professional note, Spears, 16, has a guest-starring role in the March 20 episode of the new ABC series Miss Guided.


In our Feb. 18 issue, we misspelled the name of actress Eva Mendes. In our March 3 issue, we should have said the Olsen twins were born in June. We regret the errors.