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August 13, 2007 12:00 PM


“Bravo to Daniel, Emma and Rupert for being good role models. I hope fame and money don’t ruin them”

Julie Ribordy

via e-mail

How refreshing to see Daniel Radcliffe on your cover. Daniel represents the growing pool of responsible and dedicated young actors and actresses who take their careers seriously. I would love to see more stories on these talented entertainers. Enough with Paris, Lindsay and Britney. The teens on your cover deserve the attention.

Brenda Emrick

Quincy, Ill.

I wish you had asked each teen not only about their biggest splurge but also about their favorite charity. Have any of them thought of giving away some of that money?

Donna H. Sandin

Reston, Va.

These young stars obviously have a wonderful support system that keeps them grounded. My hat is off to them.

Kami Upkes

Vancouver, Wash.


It was great to see Shawn Hornbeck smiling and reunited with his parents. The initial photos of him were haunting. His eyes were vacant, and he looked terrified. What’s worse is that Shawn was actually faulted for not running away or trying to contact his family. People shouldn’t have been so quick to judge this young man. It’s easy to be an armchair quarterback when you are not in the situation. Thank God Shawn’s home again and on the road to recovery.

Pam Sumner

Fredericksburg, Va.


Surely I am not the only one who doesn’t understand the importance of Posh and David’s move to Los Angeles. Everyone’s acting as if Prince William were moving here.

Heather Staggs

Oxford, Miss.

Way to go, Beckhams! Let’s just hope your young sons have a sense of humor when the lads at their school who have copies of the photo spread make salacious remarks about their parents. The only explanation I can think of for Posh and Becks doing the photo spread is they needed the money.

Rose Kennedy

Spring, Texas


Do we really care if Scott Baio finds love? He’s 45 years old but acts like he’s still 18, visits the Playboy mansion and talks about his exes. Please! It doesn’t take a life coach to figure out why he isn’t finding love.

Lana Baker

Deerwood, Minn.


At one time or another, many of us have been involved in a hurtful relationship. Sometimes our feelings overwhelm us. It is unfortunate that Lisa Nowak lost so much on a guy who wasn’t worth it.

Kenneth Zimmerman

Huntington Beach, Calif.


Our story about families who claim their medical insurance failed them when they needed it most struck a raw nerve with readers. “No one is safe from the nightmare that these people found themselves in with their health care providers,” writes Lorraine Clemente of Landing, N.J. “It’s not about providing quality health care to the insured; it’s about making the almighty dollar.” But some readers felt the blame was misdirected. “If the policyholders had taken the time to read their policies, none of this would have come as a surprise,” writes Edie Nale of Parker, Colo. All agreed it was important to take responsibility for insurance choices. “Let’s make sure we understand our policies 100 percent,” urges Kellyann Bowman of Renton, Wash. “We need to stop making insurance companies the enemy and start partnering with them so we can play an active role in our own health care.”


In our August 6 issue, we reported Jennifer Aniston and Paul Sculfor were recently seen shopping together at Petit Trésor. According to her rep, Aniston did not visit the store and has not seen Sculfor in quite some time.

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