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“I’m heartbroken for the McCanns. Everyone should be concentrating on finding this little girl”

Leigh Anne Wilkins

Montrose, Calif.

While I think Kate and Gerry McCann should be accused of many things, murder is not one of them. I see two people screaming to the world that their child is gone and they want her back. Even in the face of adversity, they continue their fight to keep Madeleine in the public eye. For this, I applaud them.

Juliann Stainbrook

Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Why don’t the Portuguese police get real and do the job they are paid to do: look for the criminals who took little Madeleine. I know just by looking at the tortured, exhausted faces of the McCanns that they have done nothing wrong. Give them a break and pray for their daughter’s safe return. They need a miracle, not more anguish.

Charlotte Philp

St. Catharines, Ont.

I was seething when I read that Susan Hubbard, a new friend to the McCanns and wife of an Anglican vicar, described them as “unbelievably attentive parents.” Attentive? Hardly. It’s an outrage that Kate and Gerry McCann haven’t been charged with neglect for leaving their young children alone.

Aimee Combs

Mt. Ulla, N.C.


I don’t mean to depreciate the heroic efforts of people like Cole Miller, who helped this young girl and other mutilated Iraqi children receive the medical help they need, but let’s not pat ourselves on the back and say that a child who receives prosthetics after the U.S. military has blown her legs off and dismembered her brother “has much to be thankful for.”

Shadi Bartsch

Chicago, Ill.


Britney Spears should be embarrassed and ashamed of her terrible performance at the VMA awards. I could hardly believe my eyes as I watched the disaster taking place. She needs to go to rehab, and she needs to stay there for a long time. As far as I am concerned, she has nothing left to lose.

Cheryl Wheeler

Brownstown, Ind.


While I love to fantasize about owning and wearing the gorgeous gowns pictured in this issue, I’m most grateful for all the information you provide on where to buy similar outfits, so I can dress like the celebrities I admire without having to pay designer prices.

Elizabeth Taglieri

Kildeer, Ill.

I was disappointed that you featured the British sailors and marines as one of the “10 Most Shocking Style Moments.” They were held as hostages for 13 days in Iran and had just been released. What did you expect them to have on?

Shelley Bigelow

via e-mail

An entire page devoted to Kim Kardashian’s butt? Please, I know you can do better!

Bonnie Korman

Burnsville, Minn.


Readers voiced strong support for the Animal Safehouse Program in Encinitas, Calif., which finds temporary homes for the pets of women who are coping with abusive relationships. Calling director Christine Hartline “my hero,” Sheila Wright of Lafayette, Colo., writes, “I applaud Christine for finding a meaningful way to serve people and their pets.” An anonymous reader from Luray, Va., had a more personal response. “Years ago I left an abusive marriage with two children and a cat,” she says. “I had no choice but to take our dog to a shelter. It broke our hearts. Women leaving bad relationships have so much to worry about, so Christine is truly a godsend.” Since the story ran, several new volunteers have joined Safehouse, and Hartline has been asked to coach three shelters on how to start similar programs.


In our Sept. 24 issue, we incorrectly reported that Jessica Biel was wearing a Missoni tank top. The designer was Porridge.