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“Hats off to Valerie and Kirstie for all their hard work in achieving their weight-loss goals”

Jodie Hawkins

Long Beach, Calif.

I applaud Kirstie and Valerie for their weight loss. Their honest and frank remarks are a breath of fresh air. Not only did they share what could be considered embarrassing tidbits, they gave inspiration to those of us who need that extra push. Keep up the good work.

Stacy D.

via e-mail

Kirstie Alley is my diet heroine. She inspired me to embark on my own weight-loss journey last year when I was a plus-size gal. To date I have lost 50 lbs. and have been maintaining my weight loss since last March. Both Kirstie and Valerie are positive role models for all women who are trying to lose weight.


via e-mail

I’m sure that losing weight under public scrutiny as Valerie and Kirstie have done is not necessarily easy (unless you’re an actress and thrive on attention). But I’m also sure that their contracts with Jenny Craig didn’t hurt their resolve to lose the weight and keep it off either.

Patricia Duffy-Raguindin

Waldorf, Md.

How ignorant of Kirstie to say “I am from Kansas. You’d fry your children if it weren’t illegal.” Kansas is known for its great BBQ, not for pigging out on fried food. Rude!

Julie Gadwood

Shawnee, Kans.


I have enjoyed Billy Currington’s music for a long time, but I admire him much more for his decision to tell his story about the childhood trauma he endured and to get the help he needs. Billy’s success as a country-music star will continue but will be even more fulfilling for him as a healed soul.

Susie Godshall

Atlanta, Ga.


Let me get this right: Usher called off the wedding at the last minute because he was unsure if it was the right thing to do? He couldn’t decide whether he should marry Tameka Foster, but, hey, it’s okay for her to be the mother of his child. Why didn’t he work this out before she got pregnant?

Stephanie Rogers

South Lyon, Mich.


For people who care about animals, visiting the Best Friends sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, makes one think this is what heaven is like. Wonderful staff, volunteers from around the world, incredible scenery and, of course, the animals—most of whom have been abused or abandoned. Best Friends works very hard to find homes for all of the animals, but those animals who can’t be adopted are able to live out their lives being loved and cared for right there at Best Friends.

Chris Fairman

Cardiff, Calif.

Since our government doesn’t seem to place a high importance on animal issues, it is wonderful to read about someone like Juliette Watt, who uses her plane to save pets and bring them to new homes. What an admirable person.

Daniele Burris

Allen, Texas


Elizabeth Edwards’s update on her battle against breast cancer drew applause from readers inspired by her tenacious resolve. “This was one of the most heartwarming stories I’ve ever read in your magazine,” writes Deborah Schnitker of Maryland Heights, Mo. “I found myself crying and wanting to pray for the Edwards family.” Charlotte Witsoe of Mission Viejo, Calif., found herself “saddened yet uplifted. Elizabeth has known the best this world has to offer but also the most tragic. Her honesty and strength of character take my breath away.” Danielle Kimbrel of Weaverville, Calif., says she “got goose bumps reading Elizabeth describe what she might be missing in her children’s lives.” Edwards continues to take a daily hormone pill but says she is “feeling great,” has launched a book tour and remains active with her husband, John, on the campaign trail.