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“I hope Lindsay gets the help she needs. Everyone, especially her parents, should remember how young she is”

Colleen Cooper

Peabody, Mass.

Although I am sorry for Ms. Lohan’s plight, she appears to be just another child star gone wild. While her talent has afforded her many opportunities, the lack of guidance from her parents is appalling. Her mother, Dina, has claimed that she parties with her daughter to keep track of what she’s doing, but if that’s the case Dina is doing a very poor job of parenting. I don’t understand how a parent could not only allow but accompany an underage child to bars and clubs.

Name withheld

Centralia, Wash.

I want to know why the club owners and those supplying alcohol to an underage Lindsay Lohan are not prosecuted? Bars and clubs can face stiff fines or lose their liquor licenses for serving minors. Those supplying her should suffer some consequences. Nothing worse than a double standard.

Sandy LaPrad

Midland, Mich.

People really need to ease up on the girl. If every 20-year-old were thrown into rehab for drinking and partying, the colleges would be empty. It’s a rite of passage for many people. Lindsay will be just fine.

Karen Bareither

Bolingbrook, Ill.


The American Idol winner has shown us that being a smart, talented and positive young woman is something to be celebrated. Her maturity and self-assurance about her body make her beautiful. She knows that healthy eating and exercise are important to include in her daily routine along with enjoying good food, family and friends.

Jennifer Anderson

Novato, Calif.


Partisan politics aside (I’m a Republican), one cannot help but have an incredible amount of admiration for Elizabeth Edwards’s determination to live a full life to the very end—whenever that may be. Her zeal for life and for her children and her husband should be inspiration to all of us.

Jack Omer

Dayton, Ohio


I’m a 51-year-old man who had never watched The View until Rosie O’Donnell joined the show. I’m a huge fan simply because she’s such a talented comedian and actress. However, as much as I enjoyed the political debates between her and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, it was Rosie who often crossed the line. Her now infamous comment insinuating that U.S. troops are the actual terrorists in Iraq was misguided and clearly not what she meant to say. Her ire against Elisabeth for not defending her was wrong. Rosie needs to hold herself accountable for the words she speaks.

Glenn A. Johnson

Baltimore, Md.


Our story about dog advocate Tamara Delany and her antibias crusade on behalf of BBDs (Big Black Dogs) drew warm praise from readers. “Thanks for shining the light on the most overlooked canines in America’s shelters,” writes Lizza Reed of Ventura, Calif. “Ms. Delany should be commended for helping to save so many wonderful dogs whose only ‘sin’ was being born big and black.” Many correspondents had adopted BBDs themselves. “Having been blessed with four big, black dogs in my life, I know what a fine addition to a family these animals can be—kudos to Tamara Delany,” says Denise Vine of Waunakee, Wis. Since the article ran, Delany has found potential owners for Koda and Gus, two of the dogs pictured with her; her Web site has also been flooded with hundreds of e-mails from people seeking information about how to adopt BBDs.


In the Book Review section of our May 28 issue, we misspelled author Anna Quindlen’s last name. We regret the error.