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Drew Barrymore has gone through difficult times and has come out a winner. She is truly a beautiful woman”

Janice Devlin

Toronto, Ohio

I have long admired Drew Barrymore for her free spirit, radiant self-confidence and sunny disposition. Despite a tumultuous adolescence, Drew has taken charge of her life. In doing so, she’s proved that by being sassy and strong-willed you can accomplish anything. Thanks to Drew, many women like myself have embraced who we are with no apologies.

Lisa Whitaker

Nashville, Tenn.

You finally got it right. A most deserving, most beautiful Drew Barrymore. Not one mention of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie or Britney Spears. How refreshing.

Kathleen and Dave Weiss

via e-mail

Drew Barrymore? Are you kidding me? She’s cute, but ‘Most Beautiful’? Seriously? I can rattle off 20 people who are better-looking. Sorry, but you blew it.

Connie Parker

Baltimore, Md.

There were some beautiful people in this issue, but how could you not include Queen Latifah or Jennifer Hudson?

Vivian A. Norman

via e-mail

Johnny Depp?

Debbie Haap

Cincinnati, Ohio

… Maria Sharapova?

Patrick Dunn

via e-mail

… Cher?

Roni Heinze, Gig Harbor, Wash.


Please don’t perpetuate the stereotype of the always-beautiful celebrity. With increasing Internet coverage, we have all seen stars without their makeup, and your photos are certainly not of stars in their natural state. Eyeliner and mascara are clearly visible.

Marni Winslow

Mahwah, N.J.

Editor’s Note: During the photo shoot for Stars Without Makeup, only moisturizer, concealer (for blemishes only) and lip balm were used.


Shame on Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger for this debacle of a custody battle. This is a prime example of two people with colossal egos who put their selfish agendas ahead of the best interests of their child. Why Child Protective Services or a sane relative hasn’t rescued Ireland from this mess is beyond me.

Karin Nelson

South Hadley, Mass.


Is it just me or is American Idol a little bland without Sanjaya? Say what you will about his lack of singing talent, but one must admit he has an abundance of character and personality. We miss him!

Nikki Rieckmann

Montello, Wis.


Readers were moved by Chevy Chase’s troubling descriptions of the physical abuse he suffered growing up, and most readers supported his decision not to forgive his mother and stepfather. “This is a man who has really come to terms with what has happened to him,” writes Terri Hurley from Potomac, Md. “He is not bitter. He has gotten past living under a cloud of agony remembering his abuse, and he recognizes that, regardless of the situation, the abusers were at fault.” One reader focused on the resilience that can sometimes arise from a childhood of abuse. “I, too, was the secret victim of abusive parents,” writes a woman from Cody, Wyo. “No, we don’t all grow up to be serial killers or campus shooters or abusive parents ourselves. Sometimes we turn it around, make the pain work for us and become functional, if a bit loony, adults. As they say here in Wyoming, ‘Good ride, Chev!'”


In our May 7 issue we incorrectly reported Zac Efron’s height. He is 5’10”. In our May 14 issue we misspelled Gary Allan’s name. In our May 21 issue we incorrectly named Hayden Panettiere‘s mother. She goes by the name of Lesley Vogel. We regret the errors.