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“When I saw the picture of Britney Spears on your cover, my heart went out to her. She looks like a lost soul.”

Cheryl Graves

Venetia, Pa.

Britney Spears seems to be a young woman in serious trouble. I hope she finds the strength to overcome all of her emotional issues and learn to love life with her two beautiful children.

Sandra Tickle

Orange County, Calif.

What is the matter with Britney? Her first priority should be taking care of her babies. I’m beginning to think that Kevin is the better parent.

Anita Sulzer

Chillicothe, Ohio

Please leave Britney alone. Within the past 2½ years, she has been married, has had two children and has separated from her husband. She is clearly overwhelmed and under a great deal of stress. A little privacy would probably do her some good.

Diane Kerr

via e-mail


Your article about rescued horses misrepresented the placement of horses bred on ranches that collect pregnant mares’ urine (PMU). Our breeding programs focus on quality bloodlines. Ranchers are contractually required to sell their foals to good homes, where the horses will be developed for use in a variety of disciplines. Buyers benefit from transportation assistance and incentive programs. Your readers will find accurate information on our Web site:

Norman Luba, Executive Director North American Equine Ranching Information Council

We were fortunate to adopt Spirit, the paralyzed Yorkie, who was pictured in your magazine, from the Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary. If it were not for the hard work of Rolling Dog’s owners, Steve Smith and Alayne Marker, our lives would not have been blessed by her loving presence. Spirit passed on the day the article came out, but we will be forever grateful for such organizations as the Rolling Dog Ranch that make it possible for loving families to unite with loving animals.

Glenn and Nicci Bennett

Valrico, Fla.


As a daughter estranged from her mother (my choice), I would not want her to be the one making the decision where to bury me when I die. That decision will be made by someone who loves me and is part of my life. It would have been a betrayal of Anna Nicole to have allowed her mother to make that decision.

Karen Walters

Prescott Valley, Ariz.


My hat’s off to the British. They stood by our side after 9/11. Now Prince Harry will serve in the horrendous conflict in Iraq. Diana would be proud.

Ronda Shelton

Frederick, Md.


In our March 5 issue, we incorrectly reported that author Barbara Delinsky had written six novels. She has written more than 20 novels. In our March 12 issue, we incorrectly named a nonprofit organization. It is the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship. We regret the errors.


Many readers were moved by our story about 20-year-old Audrey Delgadillo, who is caring for her four sisters while their parents are serving in Iraq. “Audrey Delgadillo has put her life on hold while her parents are fighting for our country,” writes Nicole Luchsinger of Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. “It’s amazing to see an entire family sacrifice so much for freedom.” Other readers were unsettled that Audrey’s stepfather chose to return to Iraq rather than stay home with the children. “I can’t help but wonder how her parents could decide it was in the best interest of the family for him to go back to Iraq to be with his wife,” writes Jodie Holden of Plainfield, Ill. “It seems selfish that a man who so honorably served his country in Iraq for 14 months would voluntarily return there and leave his children in such a difficult situation.”