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“Bravo to Nicole and Keith. Looks like she finally met her soulmate, a mature man ready to settle down.”

Cindy Hedin

Tucson, Ariz.

I was thrilled to see my favorite couple, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, on the cover. Their romantic, family-oriented wedding was a far cry from the over-done celebrity ceremonies we often see. It’s nice to see that there are still people willing to make a commitment. I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.

Juli Barrett

York, Pa.

Best wishes to Nicole and Keith. They seem so happy. I felt she was nothing more than a prop during her marriage to Tom Cruise; she was always a step behind him. She has now come out of that shadow and seems so vibrant and alive. What a difference a few years make!

Carol McIlhenny

Moorestown, N.J.

It’s so nice to see a celebrity couple in which no one has stolen a husband, wrecked a home, made a mockery of marriage, had kids out of wedlock or used religion as an excuse for bad behavior. All the best to them.

Jill Trinchero

Portland, Ore.

All that money and the groom still looks like he needs to wash his hair!

Eileen C. O’Brien

Amherst, N.H.


The feud in the Spelling family is really sad, considering Aaron and wife Candy seemed close and loving. However, I am appalled at the statement Tori made regarding how an outside party wedged this family apart. How about the way Tori “wedged” herself between another man’s family? Rest in peace, Aaron.

Linda Gordon

via e-mail

Instead of honoring Aaron Spelling’s extraordinary contributions to television, your story focused on the feud between his wife and daughter. We shouldn’t allow the discord within his family to overshadow his passing. He should be remembered as a legendary producer and beloved family man.

Jennifer and Karen Sonju

Portland, Ore.


After reading about Judy Cornett and her mission to track down sex offenders and get them off the streets, I say more power to her. As for [convicted child molester] Kevin Kinder’s [claim that he wanted to live ‘a good life’ after serving his time], did anyone ever mention to him that his victims might have once wished for a good life as well?

Myrna Johnson

Longview, Wash.


I’m nauseated by the remark Joe Simpson made about daughter Jessica’s breasts: “She’s got double D’s! You can’t cover those suckers up!” He sounds like an adolescent jock drooling over his own daughter. Sick, sick, sick.

Margie Dykes

Johnson City, Tenn.


We received nearly 300 letters about our story on Star Jones Reynolds and her assertion, first reported on, that she was “fired” from The View. Two-thirds of our readers who wrote in felt that Reynolds could have handled the situation better. “Star should be ashamed of herself for orchestrating the media circus surrounding her final day at The View,” writes Nancy Anderson of Harrisburg, Pa. Other readers sided with Reynolds. “I thought Star handled [herself] well and wasn’t mean-spirited at all,” writes Paula McAllister of Germantown, Wis. “She lost her job, the viewers lost a funny, intelligent, entertaining woman, and The View will soon be on ABC’s cutting-room floor.”

Correction: In our July 10 issue we reported that at Marcia Cross’s wedding, her sister Ellen sang the Paul McCartney song “Only Love Remains.” Ellen actually wrote a song with the same title, which she performed. We regret the error.