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“Kirstie has come a long way with her weight loss and looks great. It’s nice to have so honest a role model.”

Courtney L.

Springfield, Mo.

I have lived in Kirstie’s hometown for almost 16 years now and I, too, have been on Jenny Craig and hit my goal. What kept me going was that each time I went into the Jenny Craig office, there would be new posters of Kirstie on her weight-loss journey. I figured if one “corn fed” girl from Kansas could get back into shape, then certainly another could. And I did! Keep soaring, Kirstie. It gives me hope.

Kea Forell

Wichita, Kans.

I am impressed with how Kirstie lost weight. She looks beautiful, and she does not look a year over 35. But I remember reading before about how she had gained a lot, and I thought, “Even if she did gain weight, she still has the prettiest face.”

Angelika Schilder

Towson, Md.

While I am happy for Kirstie Alley losing weight, my eyes rolled when she said, “If I can do it, anybody can.” Oh, please. If Jenny Craig provided me with free portion-controlled meals for a year, I’d lose my excess weight too.

Helen Prochilo

Long Beach, N.Y.


I was shocked to read about Katharine McPhee‘s five-year struggle with bulimia. She was my favorite American Idol contestant. Having conquered such a horrible illness, she’s now my idol in even more ways. I can’t begin to imagine the pressure she faced during the competition, not to mention everything she faced in her life before the show. She has my unending praise for sharing her story, and I hope it will help others in the same situation.

Jen L. Norwood

Detroit, Mich.

I want Katharine McPhee to know the impact of her bulimia admission. I have a friend who also suffers from this disorder. She had refused to get help until she read Katharine’s story. The story affected her so deeply that she is now checking into a treatment center to help her overcome her condition. I’m so grateful to Katharine for helping people like my friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kelly A.

Pittsburgh, Penn.


When I read about Dustin Diamond, the actor from Saved by the Bell, and his plea for help in raising $250,000 [to avoid foreclosure] on his five-bedroom house, I was appalled. Why should anyone pay for his lavish lifestyle? I especially was annoyed after I read the stories of those poor families in Mexico struggling to keep a roof on their cardboard homes [see box]. I would hope anyone considering donating money would give to people who truly need it, not to someone like Dustin. I suggest he move to a house in his price range instead of asking hard-working people to help him.

Natalie Nevels

Lincoln, Neb.


Our story about Houston police officer Bob Decker’s fight to improve the lives of impoverished families living just over the border in Mexico touched off a wave of giving. Efforts ranged from children raising funds by selling sno-cones in California to a group of optometrists on the East Coast offering free eye exams and glasses. The help arrived just in time, as Decker’s Paper Houses charity was down to its last $250. “I figured I was going to have to take money out of my personal savings account,” says Decker. Since the story ran, some $21,000 in donations have come in, including funds to buy medical equipment for a young boy with meningitis. “We’ve received small checks from people who are counting pennies themselves,” says Decker. “I’m amazed at the generosity of PEOPLE’s readers.”

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In our July 3 issue, we misspelled the name of the designer of the dress Kirstie Alley is wearing on the cover. The dress designer is Wyeth. We regret the error.