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December 04, 2006 12:00 PM


“I hope Reese and Ryan are able to work things out. They are a great couple and such loving parents”

Anne O’Finley

Chicago, Ill.

The separation of Ryan and Reese is a sad story. In fact, throughout the magazine there were sad references to failed marriages, including those of Carmen Electra and Whitney Houston. This snapshot of Hollywood is confirmation of America’s obsession with quick fixes and selfish desires. Reese was so right when she suggested that marriages fail due to laziness. Until we make the institution of marriage a priority and the courts stop rewarding quitting husbands or wives with money and custody, America is in deep trouble.

Anthony L. Ashby

Las Vegas, Nev.

Say it isn’t so! I am so sad that Ryan and Reese are splitting up. I could handle Brad and Jen. I definitely can accept Britney and Kevin. But Reese and Ryan are such a great couple and wonderful parents. You never really see anything negative about them in the news. Being from the same generation, I have watched both their careers and their family blossom. If they can’t make it, who can? I hope they can reconcile. Good luck and God bless to them and their children.

D. Robbins

Yuba City, Calif.


As a 38-year-old woman diagnosed with multiple sclerosis three years ago, I thank Michael J. Fox and celebrities like him who sacrifice their privacy in order to educate others about the devastating effects of our diseases and to share the hope that embryonic-stem-cell research brings to our lives. I suppose once we find out that those same stem cells can cure, say, prostate cancer, we’ll get the funding we need.

Mia L. Bauman

Indianapolis, Ind.


As a child on the professional tennis circuit, I had ONE very special role model that inspired me to become a humanitarian: Rita Mae Brown. She may not have made it in my PEOPLE article due to editing, but she is a miracle blessing, and her influence on me is eternal.

Sister Andrea Cath Jaeger, OP, Hesperus, Colo.


No, no, no! You don’t just go on a diet when you’re obese, at any age, and expect permanent weight loss. And I’m appalled at the “biggest fat-sucker in Texas” for performing liposuction on a child. While I’m happy that Brooke Bates seems to have more self-esteem because of the surgery, I hope she and her family get counseling and address Brooke’s need to comfort herself with food. Could the problem have something to do with being dubbed “Big Brooke” as a toddler?

Ellen M. Johnson

Little Rock, Ark.


[Regarding the photo of Julia Roberts vacationing during filming in Morocco,] it’s good to see her trying to honor that old Moroccan proverb, “If someone hands you a monkey, the best thing to do is smile.”

J. Hickman

Columbus, Ohio


Many readers were deeply moved by our story about Marine Sgt. Ty Ziegel, whose body was badly disfigured during a suicide bomb attack in Iraq, and his wife, Renee, who stuck by him through the ordeal. “After reading your story, I found myself in tears,” one woman writes from Camp Pendleton, Calif. “I am also the wife of a Marine who has completed two tours in Iraq. Renee is a strong woman and an inspiration, especially to military wives.” Writes Caroline M. Tran of Minneapolis, Minn.: “To Ty and Renee, congratulations on your marriage and for sharing your amazing story. Your union is one of ultimate love, courage and grace.”

Correction In our Nov. 20 issue, we reported that Farrah Fawcett’s son Redmond O’Neal was 26. O’Neal is 21. We regret the error.

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