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“I do think that Keith and Nicole have a solid marriage and truly hope they are for ‘better or worse'”

Julie C. Pannell, Grayson, Ga.

I give Keith Urban a lot of credit for admitting he has a drinking problem and then taking responsibility to do something about it. I have faith that with support from his wife, Nicole Kidman, and all those who love him, he will pull through successfully during this difficult time. Good luck, Keith.

Nicola Wales-Wong

Redondo Beach, Calif.

God bless Keith Urban for having the strength to recognize and recover. He is a vital part of the country music scene, and his music is a soundtrack to many lives. I wish him nothing but the best.

Nicole Grider

Nashville, Tenn.

Nicole Kidman has made quite the career playing the perennial victim, whether it’s onscreen or off. While I wish Keith Urban well in his recovery efforts, I’m growing a bit weary of Kidman’s devastating struggles.

Name Withheld

Rancho Mirage, Calif.


Does Heather not realize that the one who sooner or later will hurt the most is her daughter Beatrice? It is time for both parties to lay down their weapons and find peace. Ripping a family to shreds destroys lives and heals no one.

Eileen Phillips

Durango, Colo.

Heather’s got one thing right: This isn’t about money. It’s about damaging a respected star’s reputation in the most calculating and sensational manner possible. Paul’s royal-like stature has to be earned. It doesn’t generally come to people who are vengeful and narcissistic.

Sue Ullenberg

Brown Deer, Wis.


These wonderful people saw a need, championed the cause and, in the process, changed lives. They have proved that we all have the power to help others and make a big difference. What an inspiration. I for one was moved to tears and action. I hope others will follow.

JoEllen Kimmel

Princeton, Minn.

I was so touched by those great citizens in “The Courage to Care.” They are the true “stars.”

Shaaron Saunders

Orem, Utah


Isaiah Washington should be severely reprimanded and suffer the same punishment as someone who used a racial slur would be. Shame on him. And shame on Grey’s Anatomy for allowing him to get away with it.

Cheryl Strayer

Jonesboro, Ga.


Readers reacted strongly to our story on no-kill shelters, which provide a place for healthy or treatable animals to stay without the risk of being euthanized. Some praised the shelters for housing animals in desperate need. “No-kill shelters afford the one thing that the regular shelters do not—the gift of time—time to hopefully find a home for an adoptable pet,” wrote Barbara Kerkhoff of Somis, Calif. But others felt the centers fail to address the key issue of animal overpopulation. Kate Uphold of North Hills, Calif., wrote, “The reality is that there are too many unwanted animals. Instead [of providing housing, the shelters] should put their energy into spaying and neutering. There are far worse fates for animals than death.”


In our Oct. 30 issue, we reported the jumper Ashlee Simpson wore was vintage. The jumper was designed by Katy Rodriguez. We also identified the chairwoman of the Washoe County Republican Central Committee as Kathy Smith. The chairwoman’s first name is Heidi. In the Nov. 13 issue, we referred to Will Reeve as a stepbrother to Matthew and Alexandra Reeve. Will is their half brother. We regret these errors.