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“Julia is truly amazing. You can see how happy she is being a mother and fulfilling her Broadway dream”

Judy Young

Rotterdam, N.Y.

It’s a great change of pace to see women of talent (Julia Roberts) and bravery (Dana Reeve) on your cover instead of vapid female celebrities who are either shaped like toothpicks or are only about cleavage and peroxide. This is PEOPLE after all, not Maxim. Refreshing!

Andrea Scott

Lincoln, Neb.

I am a soon-to-be musical theater student and love it that Julia is expanding her talents while making time for the most important thing: her family. She truly is living my dream of being a performer while being a mother. I admire her even more for that.

Kacie Galyon

Denison, Texas

So Julia’s a working mom? Big deal. Millions of women across the globe do this without the adulation warranted in your magazine. Why is this news?

Name Withheld

Portland, Ore.


I have lived in New Orleans my entire life, including post-Katrina. I was shocked and concerned to see the quote from a student which read, “We rode through the white neighborhoods and were shocked…. It doesn’t even look like they were hit.” Hurricane Katrina destroyed the lives of black and white, young and old, rich and poor. Months later we are still living in what feels like a third-world country. While we appreciate the generous help that has been offered, it does not help the situation to minimize this horrendous disaster with a “who is suffering worse” contest.

Beverly Haslauer

Metairie, La.


The way to discipline our children is through shock treatment? You have got to be kidding. How about love, patience and attention to get to the root of the problem? Shame on [Massachusetts’] Judge Rotenberg Educational Center for taking the easy road. Those actions will come back to haunt that facility and their staff.

Rebecca Burrows

Victoria, B.C.


There is a special place in heaven for Carole Noon. Cruel places such as the Coulston Lab should cease to exist. Chimps have all the feelings humans have and should be treated with compassion, not experimented on.

Marjorie Hass

Hartshorne, Okla.

To learn how you can help Noon’s efforts, please visit


I am so mad at Matt LeBlanc—what a jerk. I feel bad for his wife, Melissa, and their kids. Melissa, stay strong, you’ll be fine. You deserve to be loved by someone who can really love you and is mature enough to take on the responsibility of a family. Obviously, Joey was not just a character but showed the real Matt: self-absorbed.

Nancy L. Sarrubbo

Bellport, N.Y.

Correction In our April 17 issue we stated that the band Pearl Jam hadn’t released a studio album in six years. Their last studio album, Riot Act, was released in 2002. We regret the error.


Our 8/8/05 report on families who had unknowingly purchased houses once used as methamphetamine labs has paid off in legislative action. One person who read the story, which described how the homeowners became ill and lost savings trying to clean the houses, was Jessicca Shaffer, 33, the wife of Colorado State Sen. Brandon Shaffer, 35. “At the end of your story,” says Senator Shaffer (D-Longmont), “it said several states are taking action on this issue. My wife brought it to me and said, ‘Why isn’t Colorado on this list? You need to do something.'” And so he did. On April 14 the Colorado legislature passed a bill proposed by Shaffer—expected to become law—that protects home buyers from purchasing a property once used as a meth lab by requiring, among other things, that homeowners disclose such a history of meth manufacturing. “I think this bill will protect the people,” says Senator Shaffer, “and address at least one aspect of the problem of meth in our communities.”