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I’m confident Sheryl will use her celebrity to further educate others about a disease that has affected my family and countless others. Be strong, Sheryl, and remember that gifts often come disguised in the strangest ways.

Kim Villere

Mishawaka, Ind.

I sympathize with her because I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Thank you, Sheryl, for sharing your story of strength in battling this disease and letting everyone know the importance of early detection. I wish you well.

Angela Benson

Ludlow, Vt.

“Ordeal” is a little strong to describe Crow’s breast cancer. She’s one of the fortunate who discovered it early.

Cheryl Underhill

Spokane, Wash.

Your cover lyrics on Sheryl’s brush with breast cancer need to change their tune! Please reserve the symphony of tragedy for the true fear, that of the disfiguring or metastatic disease. Being the strong, articulate songwriter and cancer advocate she is, I suspect Sheryl will agree.

Nancy Andrews

Vancouver, Wash.

As a six-year survivor of breast cancer, I was disappointed with your article about Sheryl. The point of Sheryl having a great attitude and being optimistic are hallmarks of a person who has family and friends’ support, the resources of the best medical care and a vibrant future to look forward to. Not all women are in this envied position. I was lucky to have Sheryl’s frame of mind throughout my treatment but have since met many who don’t. Your story makes breast cancer sound like a club and that being strong and superlogical, like Sheryl, is all you need if you happen to join.

Karen Felicetta

Cheektowaga, N.Y.


I’m a former high school basketball manager and lived vicariously through Jason McElwain as he became the hero for his community. But more importantly, as the mother of a beautiful 3-year-old boy diagnosed with autism, the hope and awareness this young man has brought the autism community is immeasurable. Thank you, Jason, coach Jim Johnson and the students of Greece- Athena High School for showing that those with autism are not always “Rain Man.” Sometimes they’re just kids with a love of the game.

Erika Hartley

Phoenix, Ariz.


I’m a major fan of your magazine and was really taken when I read Don Knotts’s tribute. He was a great man who performed well with his acting career. I’m a firm believer that he’s in Heaven smiling.

Elizabeth Shores

Ruther Glen, Va.

I was highly disappointed in your meager tribute to the late Don Knotts. To sum up a career that spanned decades and contributed so much to television and comedy in two pages with small photos is a shame.

Claudette Fultz

Harrogate, Tenn.