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January 09, 2006 12:00 PM


I was shocked and disappointed to hear about Nick and Jessica’s split. I truly admire her. Through this sad time, I hope she can still stand tall and know there are people who will support her always.

K.D. Adams

St. George, Utah

After reading your story on the couple, my heart breaks for Nick even more. He deserves a woman who will be supportive of him as he will be of her—and that clearly wasn’t the case with Jessica.

Jessica Bechtel

Pittsburgh, Pa.

In reading “The Joe Factor”—about Jessica’s dad, Joe Simpson—I had to laugh at the part where Jessica’s mom, Tina, says, “Joe was just miserable” at the wedding of his daughter. His spirits, however, lifted when the couple catapulted to superstar status because of their MTV series Newlyweds. Perhaps if the former “Pastor Joe” would have continued to worship Almighty God instead of the Almighty Dollar, he could have passed along some morals to both of his daughters.

A. Rivera

Deltona, Fla.


While I’m sympathetic to the plight of New Orleans, I’m appalled that you never even mention the storm-ravaged Mississippi Gulf Coast in your story. If you check your facts, you’ll find that the Mississippi Gulf Coast took the brunt of Hurricane Katrina. We on the Gulf Coast are tired of seeing the endless coverage about New Orleans and little mention of what happened here. Come and see for yourself what Katrina’s fury did here. There are many citizens spending their holidays in tents and FEMA trailers. Please don’t ignore us.

Debbie Kelner

Biloxi, Miss.

It was good to hear that the people of New Orleans are trying to reclaim their city, but I wish there was more attention paid to the devastation still affecting the pets left behind. Hopefully the lesson learned here should be to bring about legislation that will provide for people to have these family members brought to shelters with them when there is an evacuation. We must speak for the voiceless.

Carole Ellis

Los Angeles, Calif.


Thanks for your story about Judi’s House, the nonprofit center for grieving children created by NFL star Brian Griese in honor of his mother, who died of breast cancer when he was 12. My sons and I were among the first participants in Judi’s House support groups after the unexpected death of my husband in June 2002. My children were bottling up their anger at their father’s death, and it was coming out in unhealthy ways. The support groups helped them express their devastation and rage with the loss. I know my sons would not be functioning as well as they are had it not been for Judi’s House. Brian is a generous man and I will be forever thankful to him for saving my family.

Kathy Athens

Littleton, Colo.

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