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Matthew McConaughey has all the finest ingredients: gorgeous face, incredible body and southern charm to make your heart melt!

Sally Wilkerson Enterprise, Ala.

McConaughey is truly a nice guy. Although his looks are outstanding, his beauty comes from within. Matthew, can we clone you?

Victoria Enos Austin, Texas

What’s so sexy about a man who walks around with a toothpick hanging out of his mouth and doesn’t believe in wearing deodorant?

Alyssa Distant Sonoma, Calif.

Thanks for the “Smart Guys” section and for featuring Anderson Cooper. This multitalented man is finally getting the recognition he deserves. I was delighted CNN gave him an extra hour on 360. All this and looks too.

Joan Fannin Colorado Springs, Colo.

I was thrilled to see Tim McGraw as sexiest country singer, but he’s so much more than that. He proved he can act, and the way he loves his wife and children makes him even more appealing.

Tracy Kistler Medina, Ohio

For us girls who just can’t resist naughty boys, thanks for the “Bad Boys” and “Totally Tattooed” sections.

Bronwyn Macharelli Redlands, Calif.

PEOPLE gets it by recognizing Chayanne. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand Spanish, Chayanne’s language of passion and fun is universal.

Terry Nicholetti Washington, D.C.


The story and photos of Bo Bice, his beautiful wife, Caroline, and their baby Aidan were amazing. Thanks, Bo, for sharing your family with PEOPLE.

Melissa J. Heeney Roebling, N.J.


I was touched by your story about 6-year-old Baylie Owen and her condition, Chiari Malformation, where the base of the brain bulges into the spinal cord. As an adult who has had three cervical bone fusions as a result of Chiari, I don’t feel so alone in dealing with the symptoms. Thanks to Baylie and your magazine for bringing attention to a disease most don’t know exists.

Sharon Waller Zebulon, N.C.


It was heartwarming to read about Mooseheart, the residential school for kids whose families are unable to care for them. My grandmother Frances graduated from the school and came away with a wonderful education and sense of being loved and cared for. She instilled the importance of family, respect and dignity in her daughters and son. I fondly remember her smile when she spoke of her memories of Mooseheart. If she were alive today, she’d be thrilled to know the school is still flourishing.

L. Patrick Fall River, N.S.