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While you published a quality article about Prince William and Kate Middleton, I found myself feeling protective of this young couple. It would be the greatest gift to them to pause a bit before pursuing their lives.

Susan Falcone

Columbus, Ohio

Who cares about William and Kate? He’s not even that handsome anymore.

Carol Rampino

Brooklyn, N.Y.


Thank goodness for Melinda Rothstein and Rachel Milgroom as the voices of reason for toilet training. For too long pediatricians have been telling new mommies what they want to hear: You’re not lazy and it’s okay if your little darling isn’t trained until he or she is half grown. Parents don’t want to take the time to train until their child is at an age where it’s embarrassing to have them go in their pants.

Brenda Lloyd

Kennesaw, Ga.

As a nurse, I can tell you a newborn has no more body awareness than the man on the moon. What Rothstein and Milgroom are promoting would be far better stated as “mommy training.”

Rebecca Hertsgaard

Palm Desert, Calif.


In your story “A Gold Star for Good Attendance? No. A New Car!” Morrie Siegal says, “We have nothing to lose and everything to gain” by rewarding students. I disagree. Attending school should be expected. School is a child’s job. What these children are being taught is to shirk responsibility, demand instant gratification and wrongly assume the world owes them for everything. These are appalling attitudes that are detrimental to our society.

Deborah Greenlee

Arlington, Texas

I’ve been teaching for 10 years and see nothing wrong with giving rewards to students who are doing what they should do. Maybe having incentives like cars, ski passes or other rewards might be enough to get some students back on track. Adults get bonuses for doing well. Why not allow students to do the same?

Neal Clark

Highlands Ranch, Colo.


I applaud Adam and Stacy Knoblach for their desire to fight for their marriage in “Marriage: A Casualty of War.” I’m from a divorced family and I’m getting married a few months before my fiancé leaves for Iraq. Understanding that the divorce rate in the Army has soared lately, we know we have to work harder. Chelsea Lawrence

Fresno, Calif.


Thanks for your feature on Amy Grant and her new reality show Three Wishes. Her husband, Vince Gill, puts it best when he says, “It’s so perfect for her to be the kind soul she is in front of the world.” Amy makes loving and giving contagious. And that’s the best gift of all.

Julie Mendoza

St. Louis, Mo.