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Too much is made about age differences and how these unions don’t last. In 1982 I was 43 and my boyfriend was 24. Everyone thought we were a joke, but here we are 24 years later, still loving and caring for each other. And the people who thought we wouldn’t last are on their second and third marriages. Good luck, Demi and Ashton. We hope you will always be as happy and in love as we are.

Esther Alcaraz

Moreno Valley, Calif.

Hmmm…still scratching my head. In one paragraph we have the wedding described as “an intimate, heartfelt affair that showcased the couple’s shared passions: Kabbalah and family.” However, one paragraph later we learn that Ashton’s own twin had not even learned of the wedding until after the fact. I don’t know much about Kabbalah, but I wonder what their definition of “family” is.

Lori Jolliffe

Westlake, Ohio

Congratulations to Demi and Ashton. What really impressed me was that Bruce Willis was at the wedding. It shows he’s still close and on good terms with his ex-wife. How many divorced couples can say that?

Raquel Hanon-Boujo

via e-mail


In response to Paul Fisher’s comment about the white cat, Champ, who lived at Preservation Hall in New Orleans, I want to let him know that Champ is alive and well and still living at Preservation Hall. He and our other cat, Baby Spots, have indeed survived Katrina. They are very comfortable, well-fed and loved. Thank you for your good wishes for our cat.

Resa Lambert

New Orleans, La.


As one of the people who donated to Hurricane Katrina relief, I resent the letter from Vicki Selburg in Mailbag. This woman does not speak for me when she says that donors would “rather see something more appealing” than the person in the wheelchair holding a beer or the man holding plaques honoring his work as a drag queen. Both of these images showed me people who haven’t been defeated. Generosity and compassion shouldn’t be offered on the condition that the recipients are able to provide appealing photo ops.

Debra Beach

Lansdowne, Pa.

Crazy for Constantine

Our story on singer Constantine Maroulis elicited twice as much mail as our cover story. Here’s a sampling.

What gorgeous photos you have of Constantine! For future reference, this dream boat belongs on the cover. All I can say is, “What took you so long?”


Davie, Fla.

Constantine is unforgettable live. If you have not had the privilege of seeing him perform, sell what you have to, travel where you have to, but see this man. He will be our next “superstar.”


Valdosta, Ga.


American Idol winner Fantasia (People, Sept. 17) may have grown up in High Point, N.C., and she may have been impoverished, but she did not grow up in “impoverished High Point, N.C.” because there is no such place. High Point is the “home furnishings capital of the world.” It is not a poverty-stricken southern ghetto by any means. I lived in High Point from 1968 to 1983, and it is a wonderful place, filled with warm people and with many cultural and educational opportunities.

Mary Hanson

Fountain Valley, Calif.


The “Coexist” T-shirt in Style Watch is very cool, but your description of the cross as a Catholic symbol is not. Not all Christians are Catholics. The cross is a Christian symbol, not for Catholics only.

Kelly Fischer

Vero Beach, Fla.