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October 03, 2005 12:00 PM


As I looked at your pictures of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, I was moved by the depiction of the human spirit. Every aspect was covered: the heroism of the rescues, the thankfulness for being alive, the mourning for loved ones lost, the fear and even the look of defeat.

Penny Pennell

Pekin, III.

I send my prayers to my fellow Americans. Know that the world will do what it can to help in your time of need. Keep your heads up and know that you’re not alone. Stay strong and keep your faith.

T.W. Olson

Green Bay, Wis.

So some people who refused to evacuate because they had no way to get out of town are now complaining about what they went through? Spare me! They’re used to having the government provide their every need. I hope they’ve learned their lesson that Uncle Sam can’t always get there instantly to bail you out.

Kim Compton

Boston, Mass.

Humans may not have control over Mother Nature, but they do have the ability to show empathy for those who are in need. Shame on George Bush and his Administration for the way they handled this situation. Will someone please wake me when it’s November 2008!

E. Carr

Torrance, Calif.


The marriage of Matthew and Crystal Koso created a near split decision among readers. Letters urging the prosecution of Koso, who’s been charged with statutory rape, barely edged out those arguing that the couple and their daughter should be left alone.

Absolutely, Nebraska attorney general Jon Bruning should prosecute Matthew Koso for statutory rape. Marrying Crystal, his victim, doesn’t negate the fact that Koso, an adult, had sex with a child. If Koso’s truly concerned about supporting their daughter Samara, he should ask for a work-release program.


Cuthbert, Ga.

Bruning would be crazy to take Matthew away from his wife and child. He can’t go to jail, since the baby and Crystal need him. If Bruning doesn’t change his mind, he’ll be making a terrible mistake. This family is doing nothing wrong and there’s a baby at stake.


Englewood, N.J.


My son Aaron was lucky to be one of Brad Cohen’s students. Brad is not an extraordinary teacher because he has Tourette’s. Brad is an extraordinary teacher who just happens to have Tourette’s. Thank you for doing a story on such a deserving educator.

Nancy Miller

Marietta, Ga.

It’s the stories about real-life people like Brad that keep me reading your magazine. He truly shines brighter than any star on this planet.

Cheryl Brooks

Bauxite, Ark.


Thanks for your Video Music Awards coverage. It’s sad, however, when teen pop stars like Hilary Duff are more up on fashion than celebrities who are older.

Abby Smith

Fairbanks, Alaska

Oh, Eva! Shame on you, Ms. Longoria, for needing so much attention that you had to wear just a bathing suit onstage. Apparently the world needs to rotate around “Eva World” and nowhere else.

Robin Reece

Sacramento, Calif.


I commend you for including the story on Robert Downey Jr.’s marriage to producer Susan Levin. I’m happy to see he has successfully turned his life around. Downey’s dedication to his wife, his son and the future is evident when you look at that beaming smile on his face.

Jill Nelson

Burlington, Ont.

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