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March 07, 2005 12:00 PM


It’s like our Sex and the City friends have grown up and moved to the suburbs! Thank you, Teri Hatcher and Desperate Housewives, for making Sunday nights “must see” TV again.

Nancy Orsolini

Rocklin, Calif.

I grew up watching MacGyver and always admired Teri Hatcher because 1) she had fabulous big hair and 2) she got rescued on a regular basis by Richard Dean Anderson. Teri’s come a long way since then, and I’m glad that she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves for her acting. I hope that she can keep her down-to-earth spirit despite all the buzz. That’s what sets her apart.

Karen Judith Mowrer

New York, N.Y.

I was briefly acquainted with Teri Hatcher in high school and found her to be as beautiful and genuine back then as she is now. As a single mother of a young daughter myself, I admire her dedication to family. Her success is her reward for keeping her priorities in the right order.

Kimberly Ghan

Santa Clara, Calif.

This is one desperate housewife who’s excited having a fun, new show to escape to each Sunday night. Teri Hatcher is the reason I tuned in to the first episode. I’ve always thought she was a doll, even with Howie Long (another doll!) on the Radio Shack ads. It’s good to see her again. Congrats to her and to the rest of the cast on their new hit.

Karen Annexstad

Alpharetta, Ga.


What perfect timing to read your “Destroyed by Doctor Bills” story. I’m from a middle-class family with adequate health insurance, but three years ago I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. My main concern was to get better so I could see my teen sons go to college. I never thought that all the doctor and hospital bills would put us in financial ruin, but we filed for bankruptcy in December. Although I’m in remission, I’m not cured, and we may have to go through it all over again. My fear is how we’re going to handle the bills. No middle-class family will ever be prepared for something like this.

Michelle King

DeWitt, Iowa

My husband was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in 2001 and died¾ months later. But because of Canada’s health-care system, we paid nothing out of pocket. His chemotherapy, pain medication and hospital stay of three months were completely covered. I feel so very sorry for the people in your article.

Patti Donahue

Almonte, Ont.

Your story is misleading. As a physician, I assume that the examples you cited all pertained to bills generated by for-profit hospitals, ambulances and other providers. Obviously doctors are just one part of that picture. My fees are controlled and set by the HMO or PPO and are not in anyway excessive. You’re probably aware that the CEOs of HMOs earn high salaries while billing middle-class families premiums that frequently increase. I suggest your article be renamed “Destroyed by Medical Bills” and that you stop scape-goating physicians for medical care that is for profit and not for patients.

Joel H. Goffman, M.D.

Houston, Texas


Photographer Lynette Johnson is giving a gift beyond words. Our daughter Sarah Judith was stillborn at 36 weeks in April 2004. My most treasured possessions are the beautiful photos taken by a nurse at the hospital. I look at them every day and miss my daughter but thank God that I will never forget what her little face looks like. Ms. Johnson has given this gift to every family who has requested her service, and I applaud her.

Tami Lanzel

Galesville, Wis.


Did I miss the caption in Scoop explaining why Julia Roberts‘s arms weren’t working? What kind of mother doesn’t carry her own children? I’m surprised she carried those babies in her own body and didn’t hire someone to do that for her, too.

Erika Gebhardt

Chula Vista, Calif.

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