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I really do hope Brad and Jennifer make the decision to repair their relationship rather than opt for divorce. As someone who has been through a divorce and is now 16 years into my second marriage, I know it’s always a work in progress. The public seems to thrive on the salacious details of celebrity breakups, but we don’t hear enough about the relationships that have longevity, like Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward’s. Maybe Brad and Jennifer should get some pointers from them. I’m sure every day of their marriage hasn’t been a picnic, but they manage to make it work, and that is truly admirable.

Nancy M. Lamb

Zebulon, N.C.

I’m surprised at how everyone is jumping at “Who gets what?” and “Why are they wearing their rings?” Plain and simple, Brad and Jen are separated. They haven’t filed for divorce, so why are we discussing who gets what? I wish them happiness, whether it’s together or apart. Give them some space and stop with the “It’s totally over” talk.

Kim Kimball

Waconia, Minn.

Angelina Jolie claims to know that Brad Pitt would never cheat on his wife? This says it all. A single woman has no business allowing herself to be the confidante of a married man. She’s just as disloyal as he is. Jennifer is well rid of them both.

Kathy Williamson

Auburn, Maine


Although I commend the article “Young Teens & Sex,” I can’t help but wonder why we aren’t putting as much emphasis on birth control and sexually transmitted diseases as we are on abstinence. In a white-picket-fence world, we want abstinence for our children, but reality is a big wet blanket sometimes. Having two sons, ages 13 and 15, I try very hard to keep them on the right path, but Heaven knows I wasn’t born yesterday. I think we as parents should be a little wiser to the ways of today’s generation. I can honestly say my son has a condom in his wallet, and I pray it dry rots before he thinks of using it. But more so, I pray I’m not a grandmother before I’m 40.

Lisa Sims

Port Orange, Fla.

Parents, relax. I’m 18 years old, and sex isn’t happening at the high school level as much as you might think, casually or even in long-term relationships. Instead of teaching kids abstinence or sex ed., why not teach both and reinforce positive body image? We need to teach respect for self and for one another. That’s something that isn’t happening enough. I’ve chosen to remain abstinent even in a long-term, great relationship. I don’t need a silver ring, a weekly e-mail reminder or a friend to make sure we’re not alone. With trust and communication between parents, it’s not nearly the impossible task your article makes it out to be. Not everyone is “doing it.”

Mallory Morse

Westerville, Ohio


So, Allison Dubois says her visions can solve crimes and that she can foresee events. Well, if she can do all this, why is she packing a pistol? Can’t she foresee dangerous situations and avoid them? Puhleeze. The only TV psychic worth his salt was “Carnac the Magnificent.” But I suppose Allison already knew that.

Edward C. Prendergast

Palos Park, Ill.


If you are Donald Trump, your money can buy almost anything, including a very expensive wedding dress. Evidently, though, it couldn’t buy his wife, Melania, good taste. It was a very unfortunate dress. What was she thinking?

Chris Amorelli

Ashland, Ore.


I take issue with Helen Rogers’s letter stating that it isn’t possible that “everyone from 134 lbs. to 165 lbs. is wearing a size 8.” She must live in a world where everyone is the same height and has the same body type, same bone density and same muscle mass. Especially irritating is her comment, “No way can anyone at 121 lbs. wear a size 4.” At 120 lbs. I easily fit into a 4. Let’s get realistic indeed!

Christy Bowers

Oak Point, Texas