People Staff
June 20, 2005 12:00 PM

When I read your lovely cover story about Oprah‘s Big Night, I was struck by the wonderful women she chose to honor. Please, Oprah, write a book about these women so their stories can reach and inspire many more.

Sherida-Jayne E. Glover

Bridgeville, Pa.

Oprah, you’re the goddess of humanity, a heroine and national treasure. Thanks for giving yourself to the world.

Billie Shane

Los Angeles, Calif.

I’m a big fan of Oprah and agree she deserves to have fun for all the good she’s done in the world. But seeing Oprah‘s opulent legends party promoted on your cover was too much. I applaud you for bringing her fantasy to the public, but I’d applaud Oprah even more if she had honored ordinary people who aren’t rich and famous.

Tim Hermetz

Cullman, Ala.

Who’s Oprah trying to kid? That obscene show of money and excess had nothing to do with honoring anyone but herself. Your cover photo speaks volumes, a shot that screams “Look at me!” Oprah is the poster girl for people who think money can buy love or sense of self-worth.

Ginna Plude

Middlefield, Conn.

Ego has officially clouded Oprah‘s vision. Her choice of a red dress at this black-and-white-only affair was clearly intended to make her the star and upstage the women she was supposedly honoring.

Liz Seaton

Fort Myers, Fla.


“Proms Gone Wild!” highlighted some of the most overindulgent teenagers I’ve ever seen. Sure, the prom is an important event, but $8,275 for a dress?

Pam Cinadr

Bettendorf, Iowa

How sad Ivy Howard’s mother paid $5,000 for liposuction for Ivy to look good for her prom. She’s set a poor example for her daughter about the importance of wise financial decisions.

Jenny Pritchett

Huntington Beach, Calif.


I wished you had contacted our family before you wrote “Contractors from Hell.” After I read it, I wanted to scream on behalf of these families. I hope a law passes to protect homeowners.

Dale Lazarovitch

North Caldwell, N.J.

I want to enlighten you that not all contractors are from hell. My husband is an honest contractor who has dealt with customers from hell. Too bad there isn’t help for contractors on picking the right customer. When you do such a story, please give me a call.

Lori Barbour

Vestal, N.Y.


Lindsay Lohan‘s comment in Scoop about not being “that tiny” should be an eating-disorder red flag! Physical trainers don’t encourage people to become underweight, as Lindsay clearly is in photos. As a role model, she should face reality and get help soon.

Kristen Burke

Niskayuna, N.Y.


If an innocent man’s life were not at stake here, the comments from the police and prosecution who framed my son, Scott Peterson, would be laughable. The truth is my son was not convicted by good police work. He was convicted by a media out of control that poisoned the entire country against him, using lies from the police and prosecution. Det. Al Brocchini made the statement in your article “How They Got Scott” [May 23] that he had a “gut feeling” about my son. Do we really want detectives investigating crimes relying on gut feelings? The only thing the efforts, if you can call them that, of the Modesto police and prosecution have proven is that the media, fed by a corrupt group in a police and prosecution team, can subvert every citizen’s constitutional rights and get an innocent man convicted. That is the sad truth and something every citizen of this country should fear.

Lee Peterson

Solana Beach, Calif.

Amazing article about Oprah‘s party! Everything was beautiful, except for the serving of foie gras and veal. Doesn’t Oprah know about the cruelty to animals needed to make these dishes?

Margaret Arnett

Atlanta, Ga.


In our June 13 feature “The Newlywed,” we should have reported that Kenny Chesney was named this year’s Entertainer of the Year by the Academy of Country Music. We regret the error.

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