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June 06, 2005 12:00 PM


From your well-researched cover story about Jennifer Wilbanks, it’s clear she was trying to put a finger on her feelings and communicate them with those around her. But nobody was paying attention. Jennifer’s not a nut; she’s a hero.

Lee Warner

Reno, Nev.

The fact that Wilbanks’s fiancé, John Mason, asked her to put the engagement ring back on her finger may be an example of the pressure that caused her to flee in the first place. John should give Jennifer time to deal with her issues before reconsidering marriage.

Lisa Burns

North Brunswick, N.J.

Jennifer had 14 bridesmaids and more than 500 guests planning to attend her wedding and she couldn’t find a single person to speak with about her problems? Maybe this wasn’t just a simple case of cold feet but more like being an attention seeker.

M.H. Sprecher

Baltimore, Md.

I’m furious with the runaway bride. She owes an apology to the families of real kidnap victims who don’t have the luxury of their loved ones resurfacing whenever they choose.

Michelle May

Bedford, Texas

Jennifer Wilbanks is selfish and she humiliated her family and fiancé. The next time she gets cold feet, she should put them in warm water and soak her head at the same time.

Janet Arwood

Hilliard, Ohio


Who cares if Corey Clark’s swill about manipulated American Idol contestants and his affair with Paula Abdul is true or not? Everyone hates guys who kiss and tell. Paula’s a real professional. Corey only proves to be another bitter, squeaky-thin-voiced little choirboy wannabe who will do anything to be in showbiz.

Mary Towne Smith

Shoreline, Wash.

If it were Simon Cowell or Randy Jackson accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a contestant, the country would want their heads on a platter. There should be a full-blown investigation, because if these accusations are true Paula is out of control and out of line.

Jennifer Stone

Atlanta, Ga.


I have one word for Tom Cruise dating Katie Holmes: ick! Looking at the pictures gives me the creeps. He’s just so into her, and she looks like she’s playing along because, hey, he’s Tom Cruise!

Tiffany Stevenson

Beacon, NY

It’s odd that skeptics doubt Tom and Katie’s relationship as being real. Good for them if they found something special.

Jeanie Davis

Steger, Ill.


Thanks for “Are Tanning Beds Unsafe for Teens?” In my teens I tanned three to five days per week to achieve that healthy glow. I wouldn’t worry about skin cancer until later in life. Well, later has arrived, and at age 31 I’ve had over 40 moles removed. The tan lasts only a few days, but the risk of developing melanoma lasts a lifetime.

Becky Malecha

Lewiston, Minn.


Who is Pat O’Brien kidding in “Back from the Edge”? He insists he didn’t enter rehab for alcoholism to escape the repercussions of making obscene voice mail messages but because he realized he had a problem. Convenient timing! O’Brien is a disgrace to hardworking journalists.

Tricia Marrapodi

Tucson, Ariz.


In a Mailbag letter written in response to your story “Building a Town for the Deaf,” the parent of a deaf child used the phrase “deaf and dumb” to express her opposition to the idea. I can’t believe you would allow such a derogatory comment to be printed. Being called “deaf and dumb” is a term that belongs in the dark ages.

Chriz Dally

Pleasant Hill, Calif.

Editor’s Note

We regret if anyone was offended.

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