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I’m cutting out this PEOPLE cover story to carry with me. Congratulations, Paula Abdul, on finding a treatment for chronic pain that works and for highlighting what sufferers go through in our quest to live a normal life.

Adrienne Lake

Indianapolis, Ind.

I give Paula a lot of credit and admire her perseverance and courage. Her ability to put on a happy face for her fans makes her a fighter.

Melanie Schor

Westfield, N.J.

I suffer from reflex sympathetic dystrophy and can relate to Paula’s story. Until now, RSD had no voice or face. I hope Paula uses her celebrity status to make people aware of the need for research in finding a cure.

Amanda Armer

Porter, Texas

I can’t tell you the number of times I cried like Paula or rejoiced in moments of relief from the excruciating pain. Thank you for printing this story.

Amber Giles

Palm Bay, Fla.

What perfect timing! This is my family’s first season watching American Idol, and my girls love Paula. My

11-year-old was diagnosed with RSD when she was 8. She is currently in her worst flare-up ever. The daily therapies and missed school days are getting her down. The news that Paula has RSD saddened my daughter, but it also bolstered her spirits by letting her know she’s not the only one.

Katherine Erickson

La Crosse, Wis.

For Paula Abdul to have lived a long secret battle with chronic pain is nothing short of amazing. I applaud her for coming forward and wish Paula many more happy and pain-free years.

Cristi Bastian

Provo, Utah


Mark Smith, the Wisconsin firefighter who proposed allowing small-game hunters to shoot uncollared cats, hinders any progress made by people like myself to curtail the feral cat problem. The trap, neuter and return program is an effective and compassionate way to control this situation. How an individual can come up with an idea to kill more innocent animals is incomprehensible.

Jenny M. Henry

Encino, Calif.

Hooray! I’ve never understood people who let their cats roam outside. Some say it’s natural, but that’s ridiculous. This is not a lion or tiger, but a house cat, a man-made animal. I don’t want to sound like an animal hater, since I often work for an animal-rescue organization and have a number of pets myself. But the cat problem is a big one, and removing permanently the roaming cats in one’s neighborhood is the best solution.

Kathy Self

El Segundo, Calif.


Paris Hilton is very immature to throw away her friendship with Nicole Richie. She’ll soon regret this because there’s no friend like an old friend. I’ll never watch The Simple Life without Nicole. She’s the cute, funny one who adds spice to the show.

Nancy Shay

Englewood, Ohio


Has activist Marvin Miller lost more than just his hearing in “Building a Town for the Deaf”? Through the miracle of the cochlear implant, my deaf child lives in the world of hearing. Deafness is not a culture but a disability. Miller gives new meaning to the expression “deaf and dumb.”

Deborah Gideon

Pepper Pike, Ohio


I’m a huge fan of Jennifer Garner‘s and think she and Ben Affleck are perfect together. He’s been through a lot, and she’s the best to keep him straight. I hope they live happily ever after.

Cyndi Wescott

Pasadena, Md.


Your magazine is a treasure. I rejoice in the loving relationship of Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley featured in “At Home with Elvis.” He’d be thrilled with the two great loves of his life.

Martha Orr Miller

San Antonio, Texas


What makes Tori Spelling think the world wants to see another show with her in it? She’s the spoiled daughter of a famous Hollywood producer, which is probably the only reason she got acting parts. One thing she doesn’t lack, though, is pure, unadulterated ego.

Brian Nicholson

Cedar City, Utah