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Congratulations to Julia Roberts and Danny Moder on the birth of their twins. I could think of no couple more deserving of this gift.

Erica Charous

Deerfield, Ill.

How excited I was to hear Julia named her baby girl Hazel. I thought I was the last known Hazel in the country. Now, of course, the name will be chic. Thanks, Julia, for reviving a beautiful old name. Now how about some pictures?

Hazel Marie Hall

Valparaiso, Ind.

I’ve been a huge Julia fan since I was a teenager, so I was thrilled to hear about her two bundles of joy. I’m so happy for her and Danny and sure they’ll make wonderful parents.

Bobbi Jo Butler

Milwaukee, Wis.

My thoughts and prayers are with Julia and her family because of the difficult pregnancy. My daughter was born 3 months premature, and I know having a baby in an intensive care unit is very scary. I’m glad the babies are well.

Kelli Wooden

via e-mail

As the mother of twins and a big Julia fan, I was excited to read about her recent arrival at motherhood. But it was disappointing to read [Closer producer] John Calley’s remark, “It’s hard to imagine her not using that creative capacity.” Don’t worry, Mr. Calley. Even if she isn’t making movies, she’ll be using that “creative capacity” of hers many times in the weeks, months and years to come.

Vera C. Teschow

Toronto, Ont.

I’m sure having twins was a blessed event for Julia Roberts and Danny Moder. But why can’t these celebrities give their children normal monikers? Hazel and Phinnaeus? Just two more kids who’ll get beat up because of some goofy-ass name.

Linda Rezny

Naperville, Ill.


Your story about Carolyn Thomas, the horribly disfigured domestic-violence victim, made me cry. I was one of the nurses who originally admitted her to the trauma ICU where I work. Despite her multiple injuries, her only concern was her mother. She never once asked how she was doing herself. Publishing her story has lifted a huge weight from my shoulders, knowing that she’s okay.

Mariellen Speaker

Bastrop, Texas

Carolyn Thomas is a victim of her own actions. As a police chief for 29 years, I have seen battered women put themselves, family members and law enforcement in danger as they seek temporary help or shelter, only to return to their abuser. I feel Ms. Thomas can best help other abused women by telling them to reach out for permanent help and solutions from others and not return to hopeless and sometimes deadly relationships.

Danny C. Newsome

Lucama, N.C.


I take issue with the overall perception of your feature “Battling to Save Her House.” Vivian Rojas was in part responsible for using scare tactics and misinformation to jeopardize true economic opportunity in El Paso, Texas. We are one of the poorest cities in the U.S. and have been through decades of poor leadership and planning. That’s why so many people are excited about the Border Health Institute. It will bring hope to a city that hasn’t had a lot, and it was almost extinguished by the wild accusations and negative campaigning of Ms. Rojas.

Robert O’Rourke

El Paso, Texas


I would think with all of her money Britney Spears would purchase a dog from a reputable breeder instead of a local pet store. Doesn’t she realize she’s supporting the horrors of puppy mills?

Sanda Arndt

Santa Maria, Calif.


By accident, I caught Jessica Simpson singing a carol at Rockefeller Center. I’m still trying to blot out the memory. Her talent is on the same level as her sister Ashlee’s lip-syncing debacle.

Bernard Schwartzberg

Long Beach, N.Y.