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November 29, 2004 12:00 PM


There is no Good Prince vs. Wild Prince. William and Harry are just young men having fun and learning about life. I only wish Princess Diana could see how wonderful her sons have become.

Cheryl Gilbert

Collingswood, N.J.

You’ve got to be kidding? Wild Prince? How about normal 20-year-old Prince? The British should be celebrating that finally they have some normalcy in their kingdom. Leave these darling boys alone!

Carey Bell

Barrington, R.I.

I empathize with Prince Harry and his understandable frustration at the relentless pursuits by the paparazzi. He has lived his life under a microscope, listening for years to less than flattering stories about his mother, Princess Diana, and father, Prince Charles. It must be very sad to grow up in the world in which he lives.

Virginia Jeffries

Hardinsburg, Ky.

The heir and the spare? Come on, PEOPLE, Harry didn’t chose this life for himself, he was born into it. If it had been me and I had cameras in my face all the time and magazines referring to me as the “spare,” I would have lost my temper and lashed out at someone long before Harry did. Kudos to you, Harry; I’m surprised you waited so long!

Christine Bardin

Virginia Beach, Va.


I’m appalled at your article “Teen Titans,” featuring Timothy Hampson and his money-making Internet puppy-mill venture. How you can laud him for being a successful entrepreneur, when he’s simply breeding animals for his growing bank account, is beyond any of us true animal lovers. Since he’s selling on the Internet, there’s no way of checking out the intentions of purchasers and their ability to care for animals effectively.

Laurie Neeno

Tempe, Ariz.

Teen titan my back paw. Hampson is nothing but a contributor to pet overpopulation. He should be condemned, not commended.

Debra J. White

Tempe, Ariz.

Rather than raking in more than $70,000 this year from selling fancy pooches obtained solely from breeders, Hampson should also consider finding homes for some of the millions of perfectly good dogs languishing in animal shelters.

Jenny Higgons

Rye, N.Y.

While Hampson’s entrepreneurial spirit is to be celebrated, his online puppy business should not. As a veterinarian I know that as long as people treat animals as economic commodities with monetary value, worthless dogs will continue to die needlessly and alone.

Elliot M. Katz, D.V.M.

Mill Valley, Calif.

I’m in favour of young entrepreneurs. But just because someone has found a way to make a large amount of money, it isn’t necessarily a good thing. What next? An Article on teenage strippers?

Marianne Southall

Niagara Falls, Ont.


I feel for the Kleins, profiled in your story about stem cell research. Our child is severely disabled, but I would never advocate the destruction of other children to cure my child. In contrast, adult stem-cell research has led to several treatment options for many diseases. This is where the thrust and money should be.

Lenor Ericson

Manhattan, Mont.

Thank you, Michael J. Fox, for being so visible during the campaign to discuss the need for stem cell research. This brings a whole new meaning to the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Why destroy cells that could be the answer to the prayers of families all over the world?

Lisa L. Gray

Oswego, N.Y.


What was reprehensible about Ashlee Simpson‘s Saturday Night Live appearance wasn’t the lip-synching but blaming her band for something that was her fault. She’s the one with the fame, power and money, and when Ashlee’s trick was uncovered, she took it out on her virtually unknown musicians. Simpson should issue a public apology.

Karen Backstein

New York, N.Y.

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