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After going through your Best & Worst Dressed issue, I think we common people seem to have as much class as, if not more than, most of the celebs in their pricey clothes. You don’t have to have money to know what looks good and fits well.

Patti Taylor

Madison, Wis.

I enjoyed your issue and agreed with almost everything. However, if I see one more picture of Britney Spears with her jeans pockets hanging out, I’ll seriously toss my cookies. As for her husband, Kevin Federline, the way he dresses is so outdated. I don’t think I’ve seen someone wear shoes without laces since the late ’80s. When you have a million-dollar sugar mama, the last thing you should look like is a scrub.

Angie Rondo

Ramsey, Minn.

You need to add one more category: Least Dressed. It’s one that would fill a whole magazine by itself.

Cindy Cassady

Edmonton, Ky.

I was surprised to find you put Prince in the Worst Dressed section. No way is Ashton Kutcher‘s pink suit and brown shirt better-looking than what Prince wears. The only reason Ashton is Best Dressed is the fact he has Demi Moore on his arm.

Katrina Swagerty

Bennington, Kans.

I absolutely love this issue. So imagine my disappointment when I stumbled upon “Hollywood’s Hottest Hair” and found Andy Roddick crowned Best Fauxhawk. Roddick is not the best example of a fauxhawk in all its glory. There are numerous other stars who have the distinction. All I ask is that PEOPLE magazine consider honoring someone who’s deserving instead of those who are just popular at the moment.

Erin Birdsong

Los Angeles, Calif.

As I reached into my mailbox, I surveyed the street block. American flags were waving, and my neighbor and her children were dressed in their best to visit Ground Zero. I noted not one article written to honor their memories. Perhaps next year, instead of “Best & Worst Dressed: 2005 Hits & Misses,” the cover line should read, “The Good & Best of the American Spirit.”

Susan Smith

Brooklyn, N.Y.


I just finished your story about Holly Harvey, who is accused of killing her grandparents. Carl and Sarah Collier did nothing but try to give their grand-daughter a chance, and look what she allegedly did to thank them. Why? Was it because they wouldn’t allow her to drink, smoke and not come home every night? She’s 15. What in the world did she expect? I send my condolences to all of the Colliers’ friends and family. The Colliers did a wonderful thing and paid the ultimate price.

Trisha L. Eddy

Tucson, Ariz.


Your article “Hip-Hop Hope,” about Nelly’s search for a bone-marrow donor for his sister Jackie Donahue, was incredibly moving and so inspiring. To see Nelly be this big, energetic artist onstage and then read about the sensible and family-oriented side of him makes me admire him more. Your story has motivated me to sign up as a donor and see if I can possibly help someone.

Elayne Sanchez

Miami, Fla.


It’s sad that PEOPLE chose to print the misleading Lance Armstrong letter by Libby Page in the Sept. 20 MailBag column. Lance did not meet his ex-wife Kristin until after he had been diagnosed and treated for testicular cancer. She didn’t nurse him back to health. Also, it was both who decided to end their marriage. Lance is a celebrity who has done great things with his fame. Shame on anyone who criticizes him for finding a new love. He will always be a hero in my eyes.

Kristen Knoeckel

Colorado Springs, Colo.

Most of these celebrities have more money than brains, especially in the getting-dressed-in-the-morning category. They’re severely lacking common sense. And mirrors.

Orysia Tracz

Winnipeg, Man.