People Staff
September 27, 2004 12:00 PM

Did your layouts get mixed up with TEEN PEOPLE’s? Enough with the 15-minute wonders.

Velma Berkholtz

Armstrong, B.C.


I was happy to see your wonderful story on Lindsay Lohan. She’s an inspiration and simply a great role model.

Rachel Chick

Albany, N.Y.

Lindsay is an awesome actress; however, I was discomforted to read the phrase “chain-smoking” in your article. I can’t believe Lindsay would smoke. I thought our generation was trying to change that horrible habit.

Kimberly Farrell

Marlborough, Mass.

I was appalled at the comment by Lindsay’s mother, Dina, that it’s normal for 18-year-olds to go out and party at clubs. The drinking age is 21, or does the law just apply to the not-so-rich and famous?

Teri Brush

Sandy, Utah

Wake up, Mom, and do your job before you find your at-the-top star daughter has fallen to rock bottom.

Sue Wadsworth

Villa Hills, Ky.

Lindsay, you’ve arrived. Be happy, stay grounded and keep spending. It’s good for the economy!

Jeannie Holdridge

Columbus, Ohio


Paul Hamm is a superior gymnast and deserves the gold medal not only for his performance, but for his maturity and sportsmanship throughout the whole ordeal. For anyone to even suggest he voluntarily relinquish his gold medal is absurd. The responsibility lies with the Olympic judges and committees to resolve controversy, not the athlete. Keep the gold, Paul. Your performance was golden.

Sue Cathey

Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas

Why would anyone want to keep a medal they didn’t earn? How tall Paul would have stood in everyone’s eyes had he done the right thing and turned over the medal to Yang Tae Young of South Korea. It’s all about integrity, Paul.

Charlotte Bogue

Port Orange, Fla.


I’m not sure if you realize the importance of your article “A Quiet Break-through” to those of us involved in the deaf community. We give four stars to Jim Sorenson Jr. for his video-relay invention. As parents of 18-year-old Sean, who lives away at school, we’re now allowed to stay connected with him visually by using sign language. And his seven siblings can see and talk with Sean as if he were at home, which is most important.

Sam and Valeria Metcalfe

Fairfax Station, Va.


That’s it! Not only did I hear Paris Hilton thank her lucky stars she wasn’t born a large-chested woman, but now I read her bashing us in your magazine’s excerpt of her book Confessions of an Heiress. Look here, little miss born thin, blond, blue-eyed and privileged: some women, such as myself, are born with ethnic skin, ethnic hair, big hips and big ol’ boobs. I’m proud of my size and feel you should keep your comments to yourself. Women pay thousands just to look like we do, so give us big-chested girls our due.

Kristine Johnson

Oakland, Calif.


If Tara Reid wants us to believe in “Summer’s Hot Bodies” that her new shape is the result of a push-up bra, perhaps she wouldn’t mind sharing what brand of bra that is, so we can all get the same results!

Jeannette Knapp

Shelby Township, Mich.


So George Bush thinks jewelry team Anthony Nak, who say their personal relationship is an important element of their creative process, are good enough to design for the First Twins. Meanwhile, Bush pushes for a constitutional amendment to make sure their relationship is never legally recognized? If I were Nak, I’d tell W. to keep his money.

Kari Knutson

Seattle, Wash.


Thanks for your exclusive book bonus Diana: The Portrait. I could read about her in every People issue. She brought so much beauty and class to the dull royal family.

Martha Orr Miller

San Antonio, Texas

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