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We have been glued to our televisions for the guilty pleasure of watching reality romances, but after these dating shows end, we’ve been left with no follow-up. Thank you, PEOPLE, for giving us the lowdown on these reality couples.

Deborah Lilly

Ansonia, Conn.

Please tell Estella Gardinier to reconsider her position on becoming a nun. She is beautiful. Bob Guiney may have broken her heart, but all she needs to do is stand tall, look in the mirror and keep smiling.

Cheryl Klug-Hoffman

Kendall Park, N.J.

I really enjoyed your updates on the couples from all the reality TV shows, but I was disappointed you didn’t include Lisa and Hank from CBS’s summer dating show Cupid. They just seemed to disappear when the show was over. What are they up to?

Barb Connolly

Hillsboro, Ore.

Editor’s Note

Cupid‘s Lisa Shannon and Hank Stepleton have recently moved to Los Angeles together and, not to worry, are very much in love.


By not talking with their daughter about the dangers of misusing cough medicine—after her father heard her talking to friends about taking it to get high—Jim and Jill Darling essentially condoned her behavior. They were irresponsible in ignoring what she was doing. My heart goes out to them for their loss, but I can’t help wondering if things would have turned out differently if they’d taken the initiative to get involved.

Janice Brown

Conway, Ark.

I have complete sympathy for the families of these teens who overdosed on legal cold remedies. However, is the government to take all nonprescription medicine off the shelves for fear someone will decide to use one to get high? Aspirin can kill you if you take too much. Americans have way too many restrictions that are in place because of a small number of irresponsible people.

E.A. Macdonald

Joliet, Ill.


I read with sadness about the estrangement between Jennifer Aniston and her mother, but I also thought it’s time for Jennifer to grow up. Doesn’t she realize how quickly the lives of people important to us can change or be lost? I’d give anything to be able to spend time with my mother again. All mothers say things they shouldn’t. My mother did and my children will certainly say that I do. It’s up to the child to forgive and extend the olive branch.

Nancy Troyer

Rochester Hills, Minn.


As a mother of two boys, including one with disabilities, it was heartwarming to read your article about Anne Belles and her husband, Jim Silcock, adopting 25 boys with disabilities. It’s amazing what loving and caring parents they are. Anne and Jim are truly angels on earth.

Kim Gaiennie

Houston, Texas


Olivia Goldsmith, author of The First Wives Club, a very smart, talented and in her own words “adorable” lady, is dead. Why? Because she wanted a firmer chin. How utterly sad!

Susie Morgan

Cottonton, Ala.


Happiest of Birthdays, Oprah. You’ve never looked better, and 50 has never looked so good before. You go, girl.

Helen Dixon

Apple Valley, Calif.

Whew! Thank you, Oprah, for taking the pressure off this happily single, kid-free woman. Maybe if all my friends and family see that the most powerful woman in the world is content with her lifestyle choices, they’ll realize that I’m happy I’ve made the same choices as well.

Claudia Stecker

Atlanta, Ga.

Five years from now, it’ll be interesting to see what Trista and Ryan are up to. Perhaps they’ll have a real test in their relationship, and they’ll know what marriage is about.

Andrea Trudeau

Chicago, Ill.