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It was appropriate you had a picture of Jennifer Aniston on your 50 Most Beautiful cover, but where were her Friends? They’re not bad-looking.

Raquel Hanon-Boujo

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Thanks for including Jim Caviezel. The real reason I haven’t seen The Passion of the Christ? Please forgive me, but I didn’t want to stare at the movie screen thinking, “Man, Jesus was hot!”

Brenda Torney

San Antonio, Texas

In a time when young, beautiful people are recognized, it was a pleasant surprise to see beautiful Diane Keaton get your recognition. She’s an amazing actress and deserves the accolades.

Georgia Wolf

Centennial, Colo.

What Orlando Bloom‘s fans have known about him all along is that he’s gorgeous, and it’s not just the nose! It’s the whole package—hair, face, eyes and, of course, massive talent.

Anne Marie Clark

Locust Grove, Ga.

I was very excited to see Dale Earnhardt Jr. make your list this year. What makes him stick out as a beautiful person is the way he has persevered through personal struggles. Way to go, PEOPLE, for recognizing such a beautiful man inside and out.

Katie Shaffer

Englewood, Colo.

You’ll get no complaints from the Ozalots about Hugh Jackman! You’d be hard-pressed to find a more talented, gracious and charitable person in show business.

Joan Henshall

Mineola, N.Y.

While some of your choices definitely qualify as beautiful people, others only make the cute mark and just happen to be popular right now.

Wendy Malave

Humble, Texas

One glaring omission: the gorgeous and talented Keira Knightley, whose full lips and perfect cheekbones graced back-to-back movies.

Romel Adam

Glendale, Calif.

Where the hell was Colin Farrell? PEOPLE needs to embrace their future Sexiest Man Alive.

Candy Carter

Arcata, Calif.

He’s handsome, megatalented, wildly successful, an impeccable dresser and politically and socially involved, yet you failed to include Clay Aiken in your issue. Let’s hope you do better next year.

Maryann B. Hunsberger

Runnemede, N.J.

Congratulations to your cover subject. Jennifer Aniston seems so down-to-earth and appreciative of her fame. She’s one wonderful lady, and I respect her as an actress.

Kymberly Martin

Austin, Texas


I read your story about Pat Tillman with a heavy heart, but I was left with a renewed feeling of faith in my generation. Among the shallow plastic surgery craze and reality stars who will humiliate themselves for a buck, this man walked away from a football career earning millions to do something greater. This is a story I’ll show to my children when they ask me the real definition of a hero.

Maria Vick

Columbia, S.C.

Your article on Pat Tillman really ticked me off! Why in the world did a little-known football player garner all this attention and glory? I guess he was fighting the war all by himself.

Suzanne Brewer

Encino, Calif.


Thank you for your insightful article into the multimillion-dollar lifestyle of Sen. John Kerry and his ketchup-heiress wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry. He’s one Democrat who is obviously out of touch with us little people who struggle to pay the mortgage. I’m now comfortable to waste my vote on Ralph Nader or to exercise my American right not to vote at all.

Debra Sedgwick

Torrington, Conn.


What type of message is Lindsay Lohan sending by saying college is only for people who don’t know what they want their career to be? I entered college knowing what I wanted to do. Without a degree, I knew I wouldn’t go far. I’m proudly graduating from college this year. It’s not because I don’t know what I want to do with my life, it’s because I want to better my life.

Liz Egbert

Brattleboro, Vt.