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Hmmm. So Omarosa thinks the world hates her because she’s “mature and professional.” Interesting. Here all this time I thought I disliked her because she’s a whining, spoiled brat who looks down her nose at everyone around her, fakes injury to get out of doing work and, when those childish tactics fail her, resorts to crying racism where none exists. Anything for attention, I guess.

Kathy Fugate

O’Fallon, Miss.

Black women who are assertive are always labeled as aggressive and often singled out in the workplace. Omarosa is beautiful, intelligent and savvy, and I’m certain she will find continued success without sacrificing her morals, ethics or integrity.

Crystal C. Brown

Houston, Texas

I have two words for Donald Trump’s hairdresser and colorist: “You’re fired!”

Helene T. Schemitz

Riverhead, N.Y.

With hemlines up to here and bodices down to there, the girls (“ladies” could be used loosely) on The Apprentice are a disgrace to hardworking women in the corporate world.

Sharon Devorss

Naples, Maine


I’ve never had the urge to send PEOPLE a letter until I read about the custody battle over the Chinese child Anna Mae He. It’s amazing how the Bakers could call themselves a Christian family. If they love Anna Mae as much as they say, they would be interested in her happiness. The Bakers have done a great thing by taking care of Anna Mae until now, but they must set aside their feelings and think of her and her future.

Natalie Blasco-Buehler

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

I hope I never encounter such “kindness” as that bestowed by the Bakers upon the Hes. Jerry Baker said, “This is not about America vs. China.” Indeed! This is about legalized child stealing under the guise of Christian charity. How utterly disgusting.

Karen Lynn Stone

Fresno, Calif.


Kudos to San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom for acting on his conscience and recognizing the fairness of allowing same-sex couples equal rights and benefits of a marriage contract. It wasn’t long ago that the same rights were denied to interracial couples. We all know how that turned out. An amendment to the Constitution? A rap on the head to you, President Bush.

Lorraine Ruloph

Anniston, Ala.

Someone needs to teach Gavin Newsom that the way to change the law is to do so in orderly and specific fashion. Of course, he hopes that his self-serving, arbitrary, illegal acts will catapult him to higher offices. God help us all if every Tom, Dick and Harry starts acting on his opinion irrespective of the law.

Betty Arenson

Santa Clara, Calif.


Shame on you, Matt LeBlanc, for riding your motorcycle without a helmet. You’re a new daddy. Think of your child and where your life would be with a head injury. I love you, Matt, but I think even Joey would have figured that one out.

Susan Skoufatos

Port Richey, Fla.


Our family has dreaded the 10th anniversary of the death of our son, stepson and brother Kurt Cobain. Not only do we mourn his passing but we can never forget him, because even after 10 years we’re constantly reminded by the controversy surrounding his death and the innuendos that he was murdered. With the death of a loved one by suicide, a family experiences the guilt and what-ifs. With the death of an icon it never goes away.

We all know that Kurt killed himself. Courtney did not kill him nor did she have him killed. We hope that all the quacks who try to make money by questioning his death will remember his music and remember that he did have a family that loved him and a beautiful little girl who doesn’t deserve to forever be reminded of the garbage surrounding his death.

Don and Jenny Cobain and Family

Bellingham, Wash.

Omarosa didn’t get cast in the villain role; she cast herself through her arrogance and the contempt she exhibited toward her fellow contestants.

Anita M. Danza

Naperville, Ill.