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Strong family bond, their endless search for her, and prayers are the miracles that brought Elizabeth Smart home. My blessing goes to the family.

Jillian Sinclair

London, Ont.

I’m sure people are going to accuse the Smarts of exploiting their daughter’s ordeal with a book and TV movie. But I don’t believe they’re the kind of people to do such a thing. I can’t wait to read their book.

Ann Lewis

Boardman, Ohio

What kind of parents capitalize on their daughter’s kidnapping? Presumably the same who gave employment to a homeless man under the guise of charity, when the motive is most likely cheap labor and exploitation of those in need. Let Elizabeth have her life back without making her the poster girl for abduction.

E.A. McKenna

via e-mail

The sadness in Elizabeth’s eyes reflects the nightmare she’s been through. While I have no doubt that her parents love her dearly and believe they’re helping her to return to a normal life, subjecting her to the public eye continues to victimize this beautiful young girl. Elizabeth’s life will never be normal again, but perhaps allowing her some privacy may help her heal in her own way and in her own time.

Jill Gordon

Lawrence, N.Y.


Thank you for shining some light on the darkness that is school hazing. It doesn’t matter if hazing happens as part of a team initiation or as common bullying. It has to stop. Whatever happened to do unto others as you would have them do unto you? I don’t know anyone who wants to be held down and sodomized in front of their so-called teammates.

Jennifer Arthur

Englewood, Colo.

Reading your story about the Long Island football team made my entire family sick to their stomachs. What type of parents not only defend such children but also threaten the parents whose kids have become victims of this serious crime? Parenting is a gift. Unfortunately, the parents of these alleged criminals haven’t figured out what raising children is all about. It’s about responsibility, accountability and the morals we instill in our children. As for the families of the victims, I hope they continue to fight for the prosecution of those individuals who have forever changed their lives.

Lisa Kane

Palatine, Ill.


By referring to her behavior as “one of my little crises,” and “I made it fun,” it’s evident that Courtney Love is in extreme denial. Addicts are self-indulgent, self-centered people. Only when Courtney realizes that her behavior affects her daughter, and it’s no longer fun, will she be receptive to change. My advice to Ms. Love is find a good therapist and grow up.

Debra Hunt

Beaumont, Texas

When is the parental abuse of 11-year-old Frances going to end? With the suicide of her father and emotional abandonment by her mother, Frances deserves some loving security.

Ann Macdonald

Joliet, Ill.


I enjoyed your article about the father-and-daughter flight crew at Southwest Airlines. But I shared the same experience with my dad, Capt. Jerry Brenny, for eight years while we were both pilots for United Airlines, beginning in 1988. We flew our last flight together in 1996—it was my father’s retirement.

Capt. Suzie Morgan

Seal Beach, Calif.


Could it be more obvious why David Gest married Liza Minnelli? Money, money, money. Does anyone believe she caused him that much damage—and, if she did, why stay?

Kathy Cook

Independence, Mo.

It’s devastating to hear about the abuse of David Gest. He seems like such a likable kind of freak. His reported “scalp tenderness” is the kind of complaint you’d expect from someone who had his face tightened many times.

Eddie Snyder

Roswell, Ga.

Your account of the Smarts’ ordeal and triumph was truly poignant and life-affirming. I’m one reader who hugged her husband and daughter, reflecting how thankful I am for my family.

Alyssa B. Cremer

Toms River, N.J.